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Kefka's Beaded Tower



Kefka's Tower, entirely in Perler Beads. The tower itself is in 3 pieces, and Kefka's a fourth. Measuring in at about 6 feet tall, this monstrosity is having a hard time finding a place to hang up. XD I forget the total bead count, but this ate up a fair chunk of change and hours. However, the end result was totally worth it!

Miss mistycat lent a big hand in its construction, and I dunno how to handle these collaborations, but yeah.
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It's probably a bit late to ask, but do you recall exactly what colors you used? Are these all Perler, or do you have some Nabbi or other such brands in there?
And also, as someone getting into Perler beading, if I could ask for some advice, do you tend to make compromises with colors? That is to say, when you, for example, see parts of a sprite that have two or three very-close-to-the-same shades of a color, will you compromise and make them one color (due to the somewhat low palette available with Perler)?
If you have the time to answer this, thank you kindly!