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Artist, gamer, bard, programmer~

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Yoshitaka Amano
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Dresser Smashing Day
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Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Grant Kirkhope
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Illusion of Gaia
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RPG/Action, Platformer
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colored pencil, pixels, the occasional other 19+ mediums I have handy
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Gaming, Art, Music, Gavels (?)
I barely check DA. :( Thus I always come back to like a bazillion comments and art pieces, all literally months behind the current date (so comments and replies look really late and lame). SO! Apologies beforehand if you don't get responses and thank-yous - I do appreciate your comments and favorites! I'm just quite busy with grad school and numerous other things that I don't get around to both art and checking DA as often as I should. >_< But thanks for stopping by and browsing, everyone! And to my friends: thanks for your support! It really keeps a guy goin'. :)
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So, yeah

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I come back from a long bit of Devart vacation to find like 400 deviations, 200 misc., and like 100 comments. Holy wow. So, uhh...sorry if I haven't commented on anything, deviations or comments and the like. &nbsp;After rooting through all the stuff (and uh, accidentally deleting what got comments, oops), I was amazed I actually got through it all even without the comments, as my schedule fills pretty fast. Either way, I'm back and hopefully won't let that buildup happen again oh god
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Grargh, I'ven't been makin' art at a good pace because of general school junk and my EB comicy thing on, and it makes me all angered. &nbsp;I really wanna do a lot of things I've planned, but they require time that I'ven't. &nbsp;I always seem to get inspiration at the long hours of the night, right before bed, too, which doesn't help. &nbsp;I wanted to get some stuff done over break, but my room was freezing and I didn't want to leave the nice fireplace. &nbsp;:o In any case, I prolly won't be able to get much done even after finals due to a long list of stuff I have to make for Christmas gifts and such. &nbsp;My main project I've been planning for a wh
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Hello =3

I just needed to contact you to um sort of make... what I guess you'd call a request. It's about your Fire Emblem Gaiden translation.... I dunno if you will read this soon, or even at all, or if my effort is in utter vain... but when you do get this comment, could you please contact me here in a private message of some kind? I don't have much money but I could try to work something out if that's what you'd want for this specific request... I'm just a really big FE fan and wanted to see about maybe doing some minor corrections to your fanslation, mostly names nintendo has officially translated since you made the game.

I hope you are doing well, hoping to hear from you soon.
Happy birthday, Arty?
Hi! Thank you for making the emerald randomizer, I only have one question: The Eon Ticket is an item that pops up A LOT if you randomize the items found in the game. Since I'm not even sure you can use one, I end up with 20 of those tickets in the bag that are totally useless. Is there anything to fix this? 
(( Thank you for the Emerald Randomiser! Gonna try out the palette randomiser option so much now :D ))
i have to say thank you for your pokemon red randomizer im going to do a nuzlocke with it
Holy fuck I remember you

Can't believe this name popped up when I decided to see what all the Emerald Randomizer hubbub on reddit was about.
Arty! You make amazing art!! :}

-Mercury Man