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Commission Prices (UPDATED) (Again) (Again) (Yep) by Artemis-Polara
Send me a note if you want a commission and we'll discuss it. I will send the payment information once I've accepted and everything has been settled. Please read the information below thoroughly before sending me a note. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

-Commission Form-

Commission Prices: 

  • B/W Sketch
    • $15 minimum for 1 character
    • +$8 per each additional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
    • +$10 for background (Nothing crazy though)
    • +$7 for hentai
    • +$6 for Lineart
    • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)
  • Basic Color
    • $30 minimum for 1 character
    • +$15 per each addtional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
    • +$20 for background (Nothing crazy though (They're annoying))
    • +$13 for hentai
    • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)
  • Full Color Shading
    • $40 minimum for 1 character
    • +$20 per each addtional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
    • +$30 for background (Nothing crazy though (I hate backgrounds but I'll try))
    • +$15 for hentai
    • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)
  • Comic Pages
    • Base Price: $90
    • Hentai fee: +$25
    • Base Body Cap: 12
    • Every body after 12 will cost an additional $10
    • Max body Cap: 24
    • Panel cap: 8
  • B/W Manga Pages:
    • Base Price: $65
    • +$15 for hentai
    • Body Cap - Hard 10 characters
    • Panel Cap - Hard 6 Panels

Important information:

All information below you must be aware of and by commissioning me agree to:

  • You must be at least 18 years old if you wish for a NSFW drawing of any sort.

  • Be absolutely clear with what you want for the commission.
    • Indecisiveness can lead to problems for me in the commission. This comes especially for changing your mind with ideas after already commissioning me.
    • Thus once a commission has been paid for, you will not be able to change the idea unless it's something small.
  • Prices may increase depending on the complexity of the commission (Though I won't charge extra after I've accepted the initial cost)
  • I can take anonymous Commissions if desired
  • I can also take private Commissions of course
  • No refunds
    • Although if I find myself unable to finish the picture for whatever reason, I will refund the money
    • If you aren't happy with the final result, I still won't refund.
      • I specifically send work-in-progress images during the process to ensure the final result is what you wish.
  • No redoing a piece
    • Though I will fix details I may have messed up on if it was part of the what we agreed on for the commission.
  • Once I've received payment, you cannot cancel the commission.
  • I will not begin work on the commission until I've received payment
    • I will not accept sob stories as a reason to start early
  • I may post the commission to any sites I see fit.
    • Though as stated above, private Commissions are exempt from this
  • You may not resell the commission for any reason
  • Anything sexual or fetish related (whether the characters are nude or not) qualify for the hentai price.


  • Allowed content
    • Mild violence
    • Vulgar Language
    • Romance is cool
  • Not Allowed
    • Extreme blood and gore
    • Racism/sexism/propaganda

Hentai rules:

  • I won't do:
    • Guro, Elderly, Shota/Lolicon, Death, Yaoi (In most cases), Furries (Ears and tails are okay though), Scat, farting, Uber-Muscular, Vore, Inflation, unbirthing, diaper, or cuckold
  • I will do:
    • Bondage, Yuri, Futanari, Minor Guro/Violence, yaoi (MAYBE... Really depends... But don't count on it)
  • Preferable kinks:
    • Footjobs, and Nerdy girls
  • Any characters I draw must be over the age of 18 or will be aged up to the age of 18

Side notes:

    • My Little Pony and Equestria Girls characters are permitted (Though the Ponies will be very circumstantial)
      • Primarily I will accept Equestria Girls versions though
    • There is no limit on how many total commissions you may get.
    • The body cap in comics is a bit vague but to define a body for this, a head or torso automatically counts. In some instances I'll allow multiple instances to count as a single body if it's closeups of parts of a head and there's multiple on that page. An example to help you understand to body cap: Commission #161 - The Wastelands Wedgie Part 2  This image has 13 bodies in it.
  • For Specific things not mentioned, send me a note and we can discuss it

Drawing Hardware:

  • Huion KAMVAS GT-191 (currently)
  • Huion Thin light PAD 5mm (currently)
  • Turcom TS-6610 (Formerly)

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal- I will send you the information only when I've accepted the Commission and we've already discussed all the details.

© 2014 - 2022 Artemis-Polara
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Hello hope your doing well. Can i ask if you available to do a commision now please.