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Sorry that I haven't been updating recently.

I've had slew of health related problems in the last couple of weeks and I've been trying to maximize work hours to compensate.  But I think it's caught up with me now and my back is...well it's not great.  Pulled a muscle and so I'm having a hard time doing much of anything right now.

Anyway, I will see about updating soon now that I've had an opportunity to breath, as it were.

As always, any feedback for the future direction of these stories is always appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who has followed, even during the long spaces of absence.  I apologize :(  It's just life gets in the way a lot more often then I'd prefer and sadly other projects get lost in the moment.
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Hello all ^^

First off, thank you for following my works. :)

Now, this is a question for people that have been following a Lilim's Choice and Deru is Missing.

While I don't know when Deru is Missing will wind down, a Lilim's choice is essentially at a good point for a break, and that brings to mind

What do you all want?

A question I don't ask nearly enough, ^^;

I have a couple of ideas, including some island amazon shenanigans, but that said, I would like to hear from you to see what you would like me to focus on.

Put all the focus on Derus is missing?  Start up the island misadventures?  Or something else?  Please share your thoughts on the matter, I'm always happy to listen. :)
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I just wanted to say first that for those who have followed Deruela is Missing and A Lilim's Choice, thank you very much for you kindness and your patience.  It means a lot.

However, unfortunately my car has recently been trashed and I need to try to get things sorted.  I still plan to continue with those stories, and perhaps get a little more ambitious with the art eventually, but I won't be releasing segments as often as I'd like.  I will still try, but I make no promises.  Hopefully things will smooth out sooner than later.

Again, I appreciate that you've taken time to vote on these humble stories and I hope I can make more sooner than later.
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First, I'd like to say "I'm sorry" for the lack of updates.  Recently my computer broke down and I've had to make do with a much older and noticeably inferior model.  So it has been quite difficulty to do anything that required real processing power. Beyond that, its just I've been busy with other things and I was waiting to be able to get my computer fixed before returning to more personal projects.

But I am sorry that I had not made the time to make this known, for those who wanted to know what had become of Finding Fortune.  The story will continue, that much I can promise.

Anyway, thank you to all who still are interested for letting it be known.  I am grateful for it.  Have a nice day.
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First off, once more I must apologize for not working more on Finding Fortune.  Things had been rather busy and are finally settling down.  That said, I feel like I have been away from the story too long and any who have followed have lost interest, which is more than fair and no one's fault but my own.

To be honest, I will say that there were difficulties with Finding Fortune, in keeping true to Astral's lore and as such I don't feel I was able to make the story quite as I wanted.  That said, Astral has been nothing but supportive for the project and I will always be grateful for his kind words and advice. 

So now, I would like to pick up with writing again, however, I wanted to know if you thought I should return to FF with Deru, or go forward with a new story, or rather, a fresh perspective of Finding Fortune with new characters?  Either way, I will be adding new art pages with each submission using RPGMaker assets and potentially 3D custom girl. 

Anyway, thank you all for taking the time to read this.  Whatever your opinions are, I will be happy to take them all into account. 
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First let me say, I don't know how many of you have followed Finding Fortune but if you have, thank you and I hope you've enjoyed the story so far.  Secondly, let me say I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to it in a month or so.  Things just piled up and I lost track of time.  To that end I will attempt to get back on track and begin the story once more.  I think I will go for an update once a week.  Anyway, sorry for those who followed and I will try to pick up again with a consistent schedule.
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Things are getting a little better.  Big problems still loom over me like a dark cloud but there is some light peeking through.  Came back from drinking with some co-workers and we had a good time.  One of them educated me on bdsm social etiquette.  It brightened my day to hear about hearing about the maintenance of latex and eating BLTs at a dungeon party and finding out what a 'munch' is.  Overall an amusing talk.  It's good to hear about the mundane side of things, even if it takes away some of the mystique.  

I'm starting to think I should take the honest to goodness plunge and go to school to be a game designer.  I got an offer for a sizable loan and while I have to be practical with money it might be good if I can hold onto my job and pick up a new set of skills too.  Got a catahoula snoring peacefully next to me.  I can't complain.  He is an unapologetic little trouble maker but he is so sweet once his tank runs out of gas. Though I have to admit his frenzied excitement is infectious and helps make me smile.  The little punk.

Of my family I'm called the stable one.  How sad is that?  I will say I'm looking forward to a nice drive and maybe walking down a harbor eating some local food and a quick smoke.

Also I squealed like a little bitch when I saw the promo for Dragon Ball Super's next arc.  Loved the Cell arc and I'm looking forward to future Trunks vs. Black Goku with the potara earring.  Not to mention it looks like Toei is actually including the crack ship that was Mai x Trunks.  So many questions but that is a good thing.  It's the little things that you look forward to that help give that much needed boost.
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My dog will probably die very soon.  I don't expect anyone to read this or care but it's just a way for me to vent my feelings.  Catharsis and all that happy horseshit.

His name is Trooper.  When I first met him I hated him.  Because he was replacing my old dog that my father, as the callous prick that he was, ruined with neglect and cruelty until he had to be put out of his misery.

Trooper was a rescue dog and as such was prone to violent behavior.  As a puppy someone had tied in him in a bag and threw him into the river to drown.  He was very damaged by the experience.  Very few families could put up with him and he was in and out of the animal shelter until we were finally his last chance.  It was rough.

In the first couple of years he constantly challenged me.  He even went so far as to try to bite my face over...I think it was pizza.  I remember being tremendously embarrassed because it happened in front of a friend of mine and I thought it made me look pathetic.  But as time went on we got along better.  And eventually I became fond and came to love him just like Petey.  Even though he was shit with kids and the elderly he was always incredibly protective of the family and dearly wanted everyone to be together.  I remember I would get in my car and drive away only to hear him wail from the windows of my house.  He had spunk, I have to give him that. 

As a fun bit of exercise I used to pick him up (despite being fifty pounds) and carry him round the house, presenting him to my parents as a joke.  Such a vicious dog, placidly allowing himself to be taking wherever some punk willed.  Eventually my parents picked up more and more dogs and we had a bit of a herd.  five dogs to be precise.  And he was the wise elder so to speak.  I was going to rifle off some fun stories but fuck it.  I just deleted it all because I can't, won't put myself through that. 

He's ancient now.  He used to love riding in the car and poking his nose out to get a good whiff of whatever passing piece of earth but now he can't even stand.  I literally stepped outside today to see him collapsed in the grass and spoke with my parents agreeing, "It's good that he at least made it to spring."  He won't eat, barely drinks, and he doesn't have the energy to even bark anymore.  We're probably going to put him down a day or two from now.  I don't know if I can show up to it. 

I had to put down my cat last year by myself.  Maybe it makes me a pathetic loser but that tore me up inside.  It didn't help they fucked up and had to do it twice.  It was just hard.  My dad asked me to throw away all of her stuff the following day and I remember struggling to throw away the kitty litter.  The fucking kitty litter.  Just because it still had her paw prints on them and it was literally the last thing I had of her.  I remember dumping it all away in their nifty fucking garbage bin and punching the shit out of it and telling Alissa I was sorry.  Even though I knew she would never hear me again.

I was sitting at work and broke down in tears in front of the computer a day or two after the fact.  My supervisor asked me why I had called in and I didn't have the nerve to tell him I needed a day off to deal with putting down Alissa.  Maybe it has to do with the fact I grew up with them and the stuck to the part of your heart that was your childhood, the innocent part that wasn't meant to be spoiled by all the ugliness of age and cynicism and inevitability.  All I know is I was trying to type up some shit story I'm working on just as a way to burgeon back up my waning desire to be and artist and I can't.  I just fucking can't.  But I can't not do something. 

I've been with Trooper.  I've held him as he lets out hollow non-barks and cries as he's been left alone.  But there's a limit and the vet says there's pretty much nothing left for him.  And I don't want to go put him down because I'm afraid I'll get that feeling again.  That rare feeling where it feels like you're watching your childhood die in front of you.  But not in the way that a spoiled man-child might declare whatever shit reboot killed their childhood but the literally childhood that defined me and retained that innocence dies.  Embodied in a replacement dog I ultimately took as my own, despite refusing to love him at first because he was just there as an apology.  I'm sorry Troops.  I'm sorry.