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The Tale of the Two Sisters and the Journey to the Mountain Top

This is a mythic tale of the Eight Gods of the Old World

A young girl with wings woke up in a field of flowers.  Still tired from her long slumber she stretched her white feathered limbs.  She paused, for she heard the sound of weeping.  Close to her was a young girl with pointed ears.  She was trembling as her tears fell to the earth.  Feeling pity the girl with wings knelt down and gently placed her hand on the younger girl’s shoulder.  She awoke with a start and turned to look upon the winged one.

“Who—who are you?” the girl asked with a fearful voice.

“I am Astra (Light), and I mean you no harm.” The Winged Girl assured.  She paused.  She knew she had to ask the question, but her heart hesitated.  At last she spoke.

“Why were you crying?”

The younger one looked down, unsure what to do.  After a long length she spoke.

“I am Fei (Fate).  And I had a terrible dream of things yet to come.”

Astra gently hugged Fei and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“There is nothing to be afraid of.  It was only a dream, nothing more.  Here, look around.  There is nothing but peace around us, here in this endless field of flowers.   So please, do not be sad.”

“I cannot help it.  What I have seen will not leave me.  I do not know what to do.”

Astra smiled at the younger girl and patted her gently on the head.

“Do not be troubled.  You will be my little sister.  I will protect you and love you as my own.

Above them the clouds parted and a vast mountain appeared crowned in golden light.  Astra offered her hand in friendship.

“Let us climb the Mountain.  Surely from the top you will be able to see all things and then you will see the truth: that a dream is but a dream.

Fei gingerly took Astra’s hand but clasped it firmly.  “Yes my sister.  Let us go on a journey.

And so the two set off, leaving the Fields of Youth and crossed the Wilderness.  Behind them a rotting shadow crept silently after.

After passing through the Wilds the two Sisters were stopped by a raging river.  There was no place where they could safely cross.  While Astra could simply fly, she refused to abandon her little sister.  She did not know what to do until a vast Horned Serpent appeared before them, an endless silhouette garbed in the light of the sky.  Astra and Fei quaked in its presence.

“Hold little ones.  Why do you seek to leave the Fields of Youth?  For what purpose do you seek to climb the Mountain?  

“We will answer.  But first tell us your name oh great beast of the stars.”

“Do you not recognize your own kin?”  How long have you slumbered little ones?” the Horned Serpent mused, “I am your older brother.  I am Mishen (Order) and I am the Keeper of the Mountain.  It is I who keep the lands together, and ensure that unity is kept.  Do you seek to disrupt my balance?

“Not at all my Brother” Astra answered.  But our little sister was frightened by dreams.  I wish to take her to the top of the Mountain so that she may see all things.

“If you must, then go my beloved little sisters, you have my blessing.  No matter where you may choose the travel, I shall always prepare the way for you.”  With those words Mishen weaved together a vast bridge than spanned the tide, allowing them safe passage.

As they crossed Mishen departed with but a single warning.

“But be wary.  For the journey is long and full of peril.  Our other brothers still linger upon the mountainside.  Some are filled with petty desires and the others…they will obey their duty no matter the cost….”

Fei hesitated at Mishen’s warning.  But Astra folded a wing around her sister.  

“Be strong.” Astra soothed, “Trust in me and you shall not be harmed.”

Once more they made their way to the base of the mountain.

The two sisters looked upon the Mountainside.  They could only see the foothills.  It was not enough to prove to Fei that her fears were misguided.  As they began to set foot upon the jagged rock a vast beast descended upon them.  It was made from the earth, the water, and the winds.  It howled and laughed and danced and clawed at the stone about them.  Astra hesitated as her little sister clung to her and trembled with fear.  

“W-Why do you strike at us so?  Are we not family?” Astra asked.

“We are!  And that is greatly important!  But gravely unfortunate as well!  For I am Laspor (Chaos)!  You bring much disorder upon the Mountain and for that you have my thanks!  Indeed I was growing quite bored!

“Disorder?” Fei asked, “Then the nightmare-”

“It is coming true!  Truly unavoidably true!  Look there where once you came.  The bridge has been consumed by the Darkness.”

“What Darkness?” Astra asked confused.

“It is the despair that gnaws at the world when you turn you face and part from it.  It is the absence that grows but can never be filled.  Did you not see the shining showers of Essence scatter to the four corners?  That the Rot has been spreading?  Mishen will be busied with much toil to put right such pandemonium.  And for that you have my thanks!”  Laspor giggled and wept before bursting into liquid flame and thunderclap.      

“Astra, this was a mistake.  Perhaps we should return and set things right.”

“No point, no point!” Laspor voice shrieked with glee, invisible but ever present.  “For the enemy comes for us all!  Only our Eldest brother might fend it off!  And even then in the far future that might not be enough.  For the day will eventually arrive—when Destiny turns to Doom!  

“Then we must speak with them, and quickly.” Astra answered unafraid, duty compelling her forward.

“Do not be troubled!  Let us celebrate!  For all things must die!  Why should we be any different?  But I am pleased dear sisters!  For your gifts I shall reward you!  I shall fashion creatures of every shape and hue to keep you company until the moment Wormwood the Rotting Star appears—yes, when the Many Horned will devour all!

“Thank you for you kind warning, Brother” Fei said with a low bow.  But there was only silence.    

For many days the two sisters climbed the face of the mountain.  Up, up they clambered until the crossed the flowing clouds.  As they drew close to the peak a raging bolt shattered the cliff they clung to.  Fei shrieked and nearly fell but Astra held onto her.  With great effort she bore her to safety.  

A terrible voice boomed across the expanse “HOW DARE YOU SEEK TO REACH ABOVE ME!  KNOW YOUR PLACE LITTLE WELPS!”

Astra flared her wings and drew them like a shield around her little sister.  Before them was a roiling tempest of fire and lightning.  It blasted about the mountain with the force of a hurricane.  Within were the cries of Wrath and Fear and Sorrow.  Gathering her courage she braced herself and issued her challenge.

“I am Astra!  And I will go as I wish.  Who are you to deny me the right of passage?”


Astra felt a twinge of fear.  She remembered the Eldest from long ago, but she could not recall his face, only the vanishing edges of a wayward memory.  Auzoron swelled in anger and the whole of the Mountain began to crack.  Fei flinched as the lightning scorched the earth.  With each attack a mighty boom exploded across the horizon, deafening his victims.  But Astra would not be cowed.  Holding her sister steady, the power and the vastness of her spirit pushed the tempest back, if only for a moment.  Auzoron wailed with rage and redoubled his effort.  Astra struggled mightily and without end.  It seemed as if the two would be locked in battle forever until a new force appeared in the sky.  Auzoron let out a hiss of understanding before its form slowly dissolved and wasted away into nothing.  

The two sisters looked up to see a countless number of eyes glaring down on them.  Each eye unique to its neighbor.   Astra was wearied and collapsed into the arms of her sister.  She could no keep her wits and fell into a weakened sleep.

“Oh my beautiful siblings…” a lone voice called.

“My brother…you saved us from the Tempest…you have our thanks.”

“I saved nothing.  T’was the passing of all things.  For Astra and Auzoron were equally matched, but in the endless cycle hers was the strongest will.  Auzoron will not forgive, but that was an unavoidable price to reach the summit.  I am the eternal observer, the watcher of all things.  Surely you saw it too?  That Astra was destined to succeed?  

“…What is your name, my dearest brother?” Fei asked.

“I am Typsuul (Time).”

“It is coming isn’t it?”

“Yes.  The Darkness will soon be upon you.”

“Is there any way we can escape it?”

“My vision reaches far…but yours’ reaches farther.  Only you can answer that…”

“Then leave me here with my sister.  I want…I want to enjoy these moments, being with her…as long as it can last.”

“Very well.  Good bye my little sister…”

Fei held onto her sister and for many sleepless nights she watched over her.  As she waited she stroked Astra golden hair and reflected on all the journeys they would share, the memories they would create.  Their joy…and their sorrow.  And Fei grew afraid.

Slowly the rot crept on the mountain.  Fei could hear the death throes of the creatures that barred its path.  They all fought in vain.  Each let out one final panicked squeal before they were abruptly silenced.  They were consumed to the last.  

Fei looked upon the vile thing before her.  A horror born from everything that was right, that was beautiful, that was true, and all twisted and brought to utter ruin within a barren and boundless pit.  The night was drowned with screams of anguish.  Yet Fei’s voice rose over the tumult.

“You are not the one I dreamt of.  What are you?”

“I am Aubruun Negrido (The Great Corruption (Evil)) I am and will forever be your enemy.”

“Be gone from us or I shall strike you down without hesitation.”

“I will consume you as I have all the rest.”

“It is not the appointed time.  Leave or I shall say the words and fix your Fate forever.” Fei menaced as she took a step forward.  The Darkness fell back.  But it would not leave empty handed.  For it had dreamt of the blackened seed to be planted.  One that would grow and flourish into an abomination unlike any other.

“Bold words, little one.  I too have learned much.  What will become of your sister when you leave her side?  What will she become?”

“I will find a way to save her.”

“Yours is an impossible choice.  Regardless of what you choose everything will be stripped from you.  All the joys of your life will be stricken and burned and hollowed, and you shall eke out the remainder of your existence from a ruinous shell.


“I will.  But know in the end I shall be victorious.  My Legacy will endure.  You have foreseen it.  I only wished to hear you admit it.”

And with that the Darkness departed.

The Sun would not rise.  As the two sisters were perched atop the summit the endless black surrounded them refusing to yield.  In the shadows Fei could see massive chains swaying across the sky.  There was a flash of lightning and for a brief moment Fei could see countless bodies falling from the sky like rain drops.  Yet there was barely a sound, nothing but the sound of weeping and the gnashing of teeth.  Fei sat next to her sister, refusing to look at her.  At last she gathered her courage to speak, even if Astra could not hear her.  

“The dreams…they won’t leave me.  No matter what I do, not matter how hard I try to look away, all I see is the future.  But I don’t know how to fix it.  I—I don’t know how to save you.  I should have left your side the moment we first met.  I should have pretended you never existed.  Maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so much…but I can’t.  You’re going to be my sister.  You’ll never abandon me, right?”  And with that Fei gently kissed the sleeping Astra on her forehead.  Astra stirred and Fei could no longer bear to look at her.

“Pointless.  All you do is hurt yourself.  If only you would cast aside your heart you could spare yourself this torment.”

Fei did not turn to face the Eldest.  She knew that it was the end.  Soon everything would begin.

“How can you suggest that?” Fei asked in earnest.  She did not fear Him, for he had no interest in the living.  “Did you have a heart once?  Do you know what it’s like to lose it?”

“What a foolish question.  I am Leos Gol (Death).  I am the Absolute.  To have a heart is to become more.”

Two great crows flew down and landed before Fei.  The Eldest Brother watched the two without hesitation.  Fei knew what he wanted.  She drew a hidden knife.

“You can still save her.  You just need to find the strength to do it.  Is this not why you agreed to climb the Mountain?  To prove once and for all this outcome was unavoidable?”

Fei poised the knife over her sister’s chest, the edge just above Astra’s heart.  One quick stab and it would be finished.  Every part of her wanted to drive the steel in.  Every part of her didn’t want to see what Astra would become.

“Better she die an angel than live as a demon.”

“I want to save her.”

“You are saving her.”

“Not like this.” Fei shook her head. “Not like this.”

Astra weakly exhaled.  She was beginning to wake.  Fei understood that soon she would not be undo her decision and what would come next must play out, no matter how great the pain.  Leos Gol waited.  His was the domain of loss and defeat.  The mountaintop an Altar to sacrifice the doomed.  She raised the dagger up and firmly clasped it with both hands.  Her weapon shook for a moment but she steadied herself.  In one irreversible act she struck with unrelenting force and shattered the blade against the stone.  Her hands nearly broke from the effort.  She looked towards Leos Gol.  Without a word the two crows lifted up their wings and departed.

Astra’s eyes fluttered open.  She looked to see her little sister gently stroking her white wings.

“Did we, did we win?” Astra asked, unsure what to think.  The sun was shining between the soft pristine clouds.  

“Yes.  You defeated our Brother.  We made it to the top.  Look across the way Astra, isn’t the view beautiful?” Fei commented pleasantly.

“Don’t just sit there” Astra admonished, still weak from the battle, “Help me, Elfie!”

The young girl looked at Astra in shock.  “Elfie?  Why did you call me that?”

“Why else, Elfie?  We’re sisters.  That’s just what sisters do.” Astra stated confidently.

Fei allowed herself the tinniest of smiles.  Her eyes glowed with renewed warmth.  “I suppose you’re right…Assty.” She said, her smile curling into a playful smirk.

Astra let out a giggle.  “You brat.  Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Just remember, I’m the big sister!”

Fei joined in with a loud laugh, “I suppose you’re right.”

“I’m always right!”

“You wish!”

With help from Fei Astra struggled to her feet as the young girl strained, pulling on her wrist with all of her strength.  Groaning from the pain of waking, the young angel stretched her wings.  She felt so tired, but in a good way.  It felt like she had overcome something worth struggling against.  Fei was looking off into the distance.  Astra couldn’t help but admit it, seeing the universe from the top of the mountain, the planets and the stars cascading before them in a shimmering tapestry.  One day she would leave the Holy Realm.  She will help guide this beautiful place.  She would save it from the evils that would come.  Astra was broken out of thought when she noticed that it seemed as if Fei couldn’t look away, transfixed by some kind of vision.  Lunging forward Astra gripped her little sister who let out a cry of shock.  She quivered as Astra’s wings folded about her like a feathered blanket.  Fei relinquished control and let Astra’s arms wrap around her in a loving embrace.  Fei set her head against her sister’s breasts and closed her eyes, letting the sound of Astra’s heartbeat sooth her.  Astra whispered in her ear, “What do you see?  Now that the whole of the universe is before you, what does the future say?”

“It tells me there is nothing to fear.” Fei lied.
A Tale of Astra and Fei, before they became who they were meant to be.

Also this is EXTREMELY non-canon and not meant to reflect anything more than an alternate interpretation.

I hope y'all enjoy.
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seriously I should have read this sooner thank you for writing and posting
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