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I'm sorry, can you repeat that? by ArtemioM05 I'm sorry, can you repeat that? by ArtemioM05
"Who are you?  Which hunting party do you represent?" the alpha asked Demsdale scowling.  "Whoever they are, they will pay dearly for daring to tread on our territory without our permission."

Demsdale for her part paused.  "Don't really have one te'be honest miss.  Suppose ya could say that Im'ma free spirit.  Not really tied down to any given group o' people."

The hunting party of dark elves glared at her, their minds quickly being made.  Neviya stepped forward alongside her Alpha.

"Free spirit?  Where is your pride in the dark elven nation you curr!?  Have you no respect for our traditions?" she brandished her dagger angrily at this vagabond's disrespect.  Demsdale paused and rubbed the back of her head. 

"Well, to tell ya te' ain't like that.  I'm sure your culture's lovely an' all, but...wasn't raised by ya dusky folk, that's all.  I mean no disrespect.  If'n its about treading on this brick an' mortar, I'd be glad to remove myself.  I don't mean any trouble."

The Alpha growled and that, and another lieutenant stepped up.  "Alpha Duthel, this is the one I was telling you about.  The stupid creature who disowned her heritage.  Less than an orc she is, nothing but a filthy monkey wearing our skin."

"Is this true?" Duthel asked coldly.

"I don't know bout all that.  Was raised by humans an' all that if that's what you referrin' to, but its not like I was spittin' on your legacy or anythin' like that."

Neviya gasped at that at turned to to her fellow lieutenant.  "LILITH!  Why did you not skin this foul creature!?  She has no right to wear our flesh.  Nothing but a imposter."

"I told ya, I ain't try to appropriate anythin' of yours, I jus-"

"Silence monkey.  You will speak when spoken to." Duthel ordered.

"I'm jus-"

"SILENCE!" Lilith and Neviya ordered at the same time. 

There was a period of silence as Demsdale stood enthronged by a number of scantily clad hunters, each with a scowl on their faces as they whispered among themselves, arguing what they would do with this mockery.  After a length Duthel finally spoke.

"So monkey?  You say you were raised by humans?"

"Yup." she nods, seemingly unaware of her peril.

"So why aren't you with them now?  Did they grow tired of keeping you as their pet?"

"Oh!  Errrr..." Demsdale looked away, and her voice lowered, as if she was filled with shame.  "It's um....well, it's a real long story...bit technical wouldn't find it interestin' but....well, I left of my own accord, me an' my little brother."

"You have a little brother."

"Yup." nodded, "He's a lil' brat y'know.  But a good egg, much as he tries to hide it.  Been wit' me as long as I can remember."

"Another mockery." Lilith hissed at that.  "Stupid monkeys making light of our pride."

"Shitstains that must be cleansed" Neviya added.

"I dunno' what you're on about, but I mean no harm, honest." Demsdale promised.  Now, if'n you let me on my merry-"

"You're not going anywhere!" Duthel snapped suddenly.  "We will take you for judgment, and then, Mafal willing, we will gut the rest of your filthy brood right in front of you."

"I'm sorry...can you repeat that?" Demsdale answered in a low voice, her eyes narrowing.  The torches began to flicker and the air grew cold.  The elves, for all their anger felt the chill and began to shiver.  Yet they did not take heed.  Duthel was unmoved and she strode forward and placed a knife under Demsdale's throat.

"I said, MONKEY, that I will drag your "little brother" before you, and make him scream, like a rabbit when you push a knife through its insides."

"...I see." Demsdale answered, looking down at the the knife unmoved.  "Well then...that makes things real simple..." she whispered, and there was venom in her voice.  Duthel tried to slash Demsdale's throat open, only to find her victim had latched her hand about her wrist with the speed of a viper, and held the blade still.  The Alpha tried to bring up her leg to strike Demsdale in the stomach, but her opponent was faster, and her palm slammed into Duthel's chest like a hammer, and sent her skidding across the ancient tiles until she slammed into the wall at the end of the corridor.  Demsdale glowered at the rest.  They paused for a moment, unsure what to do, until Neviya screamed, "Kill her!  Kill the monkey!"

And they tried.  The dark elves struck her time after time, and yet she would not fall.  But for every blow they struck, she returned it with triple the force.  Hunters were flung against the walls, their bodies breaking the stone, and fell to the ground unable to rise once more.  Yet more came undaunted.  Demsdale whirled about with a dancer's grace, yet with the viciousness of a wild beast, and every blow she struck left the dark elves staggering about, falling to their knees and vomiting from the pain.  And in their minds there was one common thought.  "Why!?  Why is she this strong!?"

Neviya and Lilith flanked Demsdale at the last, when all their allies had been left beaten on the ground.  Lilith attempted to cut her prey's stomach open, only to be kicked in the shoulder and sent spiraling back into a nearby column.  But taking advantage of that opening, Neviya slammed down her knife triumphant.  "Let's see how strong she is when the full agony of my poison seeps through her veins!" she thought gleefully, until, the knife shattered against Demsdale's skin.  "What!?" was all she could think before Demsdale caught her, looping her arm around her midsection and sending her crashing into the ceiling.  She stuck there for an impossible five second, and then dropped to the ground unconcious.


When Neviya and Lilith awoke, their vision opened to the sight of their hunting party broken on the floor, squirming in pain, and letting out quite undignified mewls of agony.  Straining to their feet, they looked to see where their enemy was. 

"Come Lilith...we must find...our mistress Duthel..." Neviya ordered, staggering down the hallway.  She would not let a mere monkey dishonor her clan like this she wouldn't...

"No..." Neviya choked.

Before her, Demsdale knelt down and held Duthel down.  The girl was smiling as the Alpha struggled in vain to free herself. 

"You threatened to take everything I have away from me." Demsdale said, her eyes drinking in Duthel's vulptuous form, writhing in vain, unable to pull herself loose from Demsdale grip, "Now that I've beaten you, think it's only fair I take everything from you..."


Part II:…

Part III:…


A comission from Astraltower.  All credit to this work goes to him.
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Cool cool cool Demsdale a force to be reckoned with.
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