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FF: XXVIII by ArtemioM05 FF: XXVIII by ArtemioM05
You move in the girls path, this will be simple.  It is difficult to hide you fanged smirk, but you manage.  You are nothing but professional after all.

"Miss?  Miss?" you call out, innocently enough, as you stand in her path.

"What are you doing!?  Get down stupid!" the girl hisses as quietly, yet as loudly as she can.  Before you can even respond she practically tackles you and shoves you against a tree, trying her best to keep the two of you hidden.  In anger you try to shout but she clamps her hand over your mouth.  Your eyes bulge.  You are a queen, and commoners should never be quick to touch you. are in disguise and it would not do to cast it aside for such a trivial reason.  After all, this foolish slave couldn't possibly understand her position in the grand scheme of things.  Such was the lot of mere humans.  You wait for her to remove her hand, and yet, you can't help but glare at her in annoyance.

"So...sorry about this..." she wheezes as she watches you with curious eyes.  "But...its dangerous.  S'pose it's kind of obvious, but currently I'm in a real bad way.  Name's Vesper...and you?" she asks, slowly removing her hand.

"I'm...Luriel, of Bolton." you explain confidently.  You pause though when her eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"You're...from Bolton?"

"Yes?" you falter.  Something in her tone is wrong.  She sounds too confused...too...certain of something.

"Must've moved in recently huh?  How is everyone?"  she asks while looks back towards the way she came.  "Are they safe?"

"Y-yes." you stumble.  Of all the possible times to get caught in a lie, why now?  "They are the same.  They've missed you though.  They ask about you all the time." 

"No doubt.  Lucky they haven't been attacked while I was missing." she murmured.  There is the sound of a twig snapping.  At that she shoves you head down and the two of you huddle besides the tree.  Though she is scared, this is your opportunity.  All you need do is return her to her owners, and you will be set to have a VIP seat at the auction.  You smile to yourself.  Too easy.

"That's-I can't waste time-WE can't waste time."

"Why?" you play along.

"Because!" she snaps, before lowering her voice quickly.  "Because...I heard they're planning to do Bolton.  I think stealing me away was their first move.  Easier to move unchecked without the village's trusty Rooster Knight in place."

"...Wait, what?" you stop confused.

"I heard-"

She might have finished that sentence, but suddenly a blast of wind sends the two of you tumbling across the forest floor, far from the protection of the tree, the gust slamming into you like a ram's horns.  You try to regain you bearings only to hear the sound of footsteps and rustling blades of grass.
"Well, well...what do we have here?" A cocky voice bellows.  "Two for the price of one?"

You take a chance to look, and see three thugs quickly approaching.  Two men brandishing daggers...and an elf woman in long leather boots as she strides boldly towards, sneer plastered on her face.  "Well then village girl, end of the line."  She hefts a bow and flicks an arrow free of her quiver.  A few seconds later and it is notched and pointed straight at you! 

"I'll give you one chance to surrender Vesper old buddy, or I find a new place to store my arrows." she says with a laugh as she aims the metal shaft at your head.

You have very little choice now but to act.  You had hoped to have a little bit more control of the situation when it came to negotiations, but now it seems your hand has been forced.  You look towards Vesper who had already moved to defend you before being stop dead in her tracks by the slaver's threat.

"You're pretty enough.  I'm sure we could sell you at a decent price.  So then village girl, how about it?  Spending the rest of your days as a pet doesn't sound too bad right?  Or are you ready to die?"


A.  Teach this slaver her place!

B. Reveal your true self and bargain away the Rooster Knight!

C. Let yourself be taken. 
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ImaginaryLex Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
vendoth Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
hmm C
12noon12 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
C should be interesting
FuryouMiko Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Student Writer
C. Swallow that pride and win.
JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2017
KageDavies Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm. Tricky. C. Seems more strategic... Might not get in otherwise. Besides, they're hardly going to bind a 'village girl' in anything actually effective enough.
Lucritius Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
A. They are practically asking for it
Astraltower Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
B. Let's try to be..."civilized" for a while this time.
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