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FF: The Boss by ArtemioM05 FF: The Boss by ArtemioM05
"Very well "Demmy".  Tell me all about this "Boss" of yours."  Your voice is layered in ice.  You know you don't have much time left, but you don't exactly care to be compared unfavorably.

"Look, he's just real bad news, okay..."

"And I'm NOT!?"

She backed up a little, a bit flustered at that.  "Err...I'm not sayin' you ain't fierce in yer own way.  Shit...there's a good chance you could wreck me."

"I did defeat you.  And was it easy? Yes.  Pathetically so." you remind her.  As if you'd allow her to forget that she was not your equal and never would be.  Yet she didn't seem convinced of your superiority.  If you didn't know better you'd swear she thought her prior loss was a fluke.  The lack of terror in her eyes really annoyed you. 

"You did, a proper knockabout." she agreed readily enough, "An while I can't say I 'preciated bein' stolen while I was blacked out..." her eyes softened.  "I was...grateful that ya spared me, long enough to see my brother again.  That was really decent of ya."

"Hmph." you return.  So what if you did give her one last gasp of freedom?  It was not a mark of mercy.  "I didn't want you darkening my doorstep with your whinging."

"Heh." she looked away for a moment, glancing at the door as if to make sure no one was listening.  "Well, Waltzer would never have considered that.  Not in a kajillion years.  He didn't get power over all o' Fortune cuz he was sweet an' considerate."

"So he's a run of the mill despot.  Nothing special." you scowl.

"Nah...he'd probably agree with you though...but that'd just be to fluff yer ego.  He don't care about power or prestige...not really, but that didn't stop him from snatchin' up it from Altusk."


"Don't matter.  We don't got time for specifics.  Just know he took over the country by obliteratin' everything that stood in his way til' there was nothin' left.  All on his own too.  An' not even a scratch te' speak of."

"Bah.  Stories." you wrinkle your nose.  "Besides, nothing that a vampire like myself couldn't accomplish"

"Don't know about that." she shrugged.  "If you make it a competition against old Woltz, you'll lose every time.  Ain't anyone that crosses him.  And he's surrounded himself with all manner of unpleasant folk, wizards, monsters,' not a single one has challenged him."

"And so you think to defy me because your fellow thugs are just as cowardly as you?"

"...Yeah.  Pretty much." she agrees, not taking your bait.  "Without te' Triple Fang defeatin' him is impossible."

You blink.  The Triple Fang?  Triple Fang...?  The Slaver?"

Suddenly you hear a bang at the door-


Do you?

A: Make a run for it?

B: Play helpless

C: Attack!
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ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
B is the winner
vendoth Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
B watch and wait.
KageDavies Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
B. Assess the situation first.
Astraltower Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
B, play it along.
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