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DIM Success!  ...Kinda by ArtemioM05 DIM Success!  ...Kinda by ArtemioM05
You ponder your options for a moment.

"Traps are useless.  No matter what I do Ms. Darshee will see it coming."  You scan the courtyard.  Hmmm...on the other hand...while Darshee will know everything you will have ready to trap her...every type, every location...she has no idea about any of the traps Ms. Deru set.  As for you and your sister, well, Ms. Deru was quite thorough when she gave you the tour of your new home.  ...Hehe.

You begin to dig some pits...

You can't help but shiver as the wind whips around you, yet you draw your bowstring tight, in a slow and silent motion.  A twig snaps.  Ms. Darshee is advancing.

There is the crunch of snow to announce a flash of silver and ebony from behind the tree.  You release your first volley.  It's rather pointless on it's own, but this is merely the opening move.  Your prey catches the bolt and snaps it with one hand while she rushes you.  Likewise you sidestep just behind a pit you had prepared for her.  The feint is obvious, how could it not be?  Naturally, she knows and rounds the borders of your snares to try to catch you while you reload.  Something shakes from below.  Heh.

Darshee's ears prick.  She launches backward, committed to a graceful backflip as thick wooden stakes shot out to impale, splitting the snow in wet, white chunks.  If it was anyone else you would never have dared to use something so deadly.  Fortunately Ms. Darshee was far too skilled.  To her, these were just roadblocks.  She sunk into the snow, watching you with renewed intent.  Your strategy is obvious.  But now it is too late.  You have another arrow notched and ready to fire!

Ms. Darshee hisses.  You know she hates to be caught on the backfoot, but that is exactly where you'll keep her.  You aim lower for her feet, forcing her to dart to her right.  And another pit opens.  Still not enough.  Her mind is as ordered as ever, despite the chaos she has kept every trap firmly marked.  She skids past to try for you again.  You won't let her corner you.  Instead you skip backwards to draw Ms. Darshee towards the tower.  Your teacher is so nimble.  You had almost a twenty foot lead on her yet she has near closed it in a instant...only to be forced to tumble backward as a jet of flame blasted out from a nearby statue.  You have to give it to Lady Deruela.  Though you never approved of her methods...they were certainly impressive. 

Wait.  Focus.  You're so close.  You ready your last arrow.  This is it.  Your prey is already rolling to her feet.  Fire. 

Ms. Darshee can tell.  She sees right through you.  The arrow will force her to run straight into your last pit.  She is strong and clever.  She will not allow it.  And so leaps onto the safest patch of snow.  Right at the base of the tower.  The foundation is strong.  There is no way to dig deep enough for an effective pit.  And she is right.  So clever.  Too clever.  You smile.  It's over. 

"Wha-!" Ms Darshee screeches as rope hidden by the snow coils around her ankles in a second, launching her upward into the crisp wintry air.  She lets out a enraged shriek as she flails about, her lithe body coated in frost and sweat as she dangles before you.  Defeated.   Your face breaks out into a gleeful smile.  You laugh.  Giggle.  You are triumphant!

"Burf." the wolf trots over sniffing the ground.  She plops down next to you and gazes up at Ms. Darshee.  The wolf watches the dark elf as she swings back and forth, its tail swishing eagerly.

"Awww, hello again puppy." you smile, patting it's head playfully.  It doesn't react much, just sniffs your hand a little and licks the palm.

"Focus!" Darshee yells.

"Oh, right." you turn back to her, poising triumphantly.  "Hehe.  I think I did a good job Ms. Darshee.  I beat you!  I caught my prey!"

"...You are forgetting something Talila." she replies coldly.


"I said that we would not stop until you had placed your heel against your prey's neck.

"Oh!  Uh..." you hesitate.

"Go on.  Try to put your heel on me."


A.  Well...errr...try subdue her?

B. Umm....Threaten her?

C. You could...maybe...bluff?
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JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Btw, don't you think Talila on the big picture is too adult? It's more like her sister Solana.
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Unfortunately there are limitations with the programs I use.  It is extremely difficult to make younger looking faces.  I have an alternate generator for faces but unfortunately it makes the faces far too childlike.  So I chose the model set that reflects the character's age more closely than the other.
JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
What's programs do you use?
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
RPGMaker Character Generator
vendoth Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Hmm A ha ha.
JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Astraltower Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
A, yep, she's right.
OSRfanatic Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Question. Is this story going to be a game?

Also I chose A.
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
At the moment there are no plans to make this story into a game.  For the moment it is just a fun thing that I enjoy doing on the side while I work on other projects.

I hope you are enjoying the story at least :)
hiddenlotus555 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
This one's a rough one...on one hand, striking while the iron is hot with A would be the obvious option, but it feels too obvious against the fact our opponent is a dark elf hunter. B is just fifty shades of impossible, intimidating a seasoned hunter isn't as easy as relying on a terrain advantage. On the other, C feels like it has a chance, we've caught her off guard before, psychological warfare has proven effective, but there's only so much we can bet on what we know of the castle compared to what she knows...

Against my better judgment, I'm going to say A...
FuryouMiko Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Student Writer
A. Tie her up while she dangles there~
Lucritius Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Bluffing seems like the best option xD
C it is!
KageDavies Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A. Not done yet....
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