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DIM Split by ArtemioM05 DIM Split by ArtemioM05
You take a moment to gather yourself.  You still had business with that traitor...and more than that, you had business with her bosses.  And it seemed the Cat had foolishly admitted her standing.  And for that she'd pay with her life.  She would spend centuries as your slave.  Endless years trapped in the dark until she was utterly broken.  And if she was very, very lucky you would reset her to have the mind of a proper feline, and give her a place next to your hearth to play with a ball of string.  If the mood struck you.  And as for the dark elf...she could find kinship with the rest of her people in the depths of your castle.

Regardless, you followed them in silence.  Before you know it you find yourself stalking them from above, atop a ancient pillar that stretched down into the dark, so deep and far removed from everything it felt as if you were falling into the abyss. 

"Aren't you feeling a little nervous?" the Cat asked, moving down another set of stairs.  "Without your precious Mistress to protect you how will you survive?  Altusk is not known for it's love for dark elves."

"I'll manage." the dark elf replied.  "And you have yet to answer my question."

"Why should I?  I answer only to Waltzer." the Cat's tail disappeared behind another corner as they continued to step down an endless stair.  "Compared to his sting, anything you would do to me would be but a tickle."  You scowl.  They should fear YOUR sting.

"Threats are one thing.  But bribes have their uses too." she replied.

"Oh?  What could you possibly bribe me with Duthel?" the Cat's voice echoed in the vast emptiness.

"I know the Juggernaut has stalled.  The rock is too strong"

"The drill just needs to be adjusted." you heard a contemptuous sniff, "We still have plenty of explosives to pierce the next several sections."

"It must still have been quite a loss of face."

"So what of it?" you heard the Cat's steps halt abruptly.

"No one ever believed in your new age of weapons.  Only Waltzer ever gave you the time of day.  All your work is in jeopardy now that there is a new rising star."

"She's not exactly popular." the Cat growled, "And she oversteps.  Even Waltzer will tire of it." 

"And if he doesn't?  Where does that leave you?"

"Sure that bitch might have helped with the calculations, but I still was responsible for it's implementation.  The infrastructure.  They would had never gotten so far as Aurelia's throne without me."

"And will that be enough?  With Waltzer?  Will he repay your good work if someone else proved more useful?"

"...I told you, I'm not the necromancer.  Your precious Demmy is BFF's with her.  Why not go see her?"

"...She will report me." the dark elf replied in a low voice.  "I cannot afford the attention.

"So what can you possibly offer me?"

"My wish.  All of it.  I will give it to you."

There was a nervous scoff.  "I'll think about it.  That's..." she hesitated, "A lot to think about."

You frown.  What wish.  What sentimental nonsense.

"Where is Demsdale?"

"She's been taken to the Pits for now to be purged again.  Just down below if you feel like sneaking in right now."

"That's worked?"

"No.  But Waltzer won't give up until the futility of it all is impossible to deny.  Now, if you excuse me I have more trump cards to install." the cat flicked it's tail and left.

"Then I must be on my way." the dark elf answered and turned away moving in a different direction.  "I must speak with her brother first."

Drat.  You had hoped that they would have stayed together for a little while longer.  Still...

A.  Follow Duthel

B. Follow the Cat

C. Sneak into the Pits.


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Lucritius Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
Let's go with C
momsaysno Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
Ummmm... We don't know a lot about this facility yet.  Let's follow Duthel and see what we can see.

I vote A.

P.S. I finally made it!
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
Nice :D

Well, I hope I you've enjoyed it thus far.   And thank you for your advice about voting.  I will definitely keep it in mind!
momsaysno Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018
You're welcome!  I hope it helps with the special votes!
JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
Astraltower Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
KageDavies Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hnng. A. No, C. No... A.

FuryouMiko Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Student Writer
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