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DIDNAPPER CONTEST: Demsdale Brook the Hill Flower by ArtemioM05 DIDNAPPER CONTEST: Demsdale Brook the Hill Flower by ArtemioM05
My submission to the DIDNAPPER Contest.

Class: Berserker

She was named after the river near the mountain town she was raised and was once known as “Hill Flower”

Now she is a criminal, an outcast, and generally considers herself “In the business of burning bridges". Currently she is on the run.

Likes: Dancing, Gardening, and Riddles
Hates: Cooking and Cleaning
Loves: Staring at the waves of the ocean at night.


-She gets sensitive when people mock her eyebrows
-She has a keen sense of smell
-She tends to talk to herself and has conversations and/or debates with thin air.
-She has a obsession with breaking things and the sounds they make.
-She thinks crows are the worst.
-She has a prison stash of contraband (Some rare and valuable, most not, but includes some outlawed weaponry too...)
-She will use pretty much anything she can get her hands on until it’s smashed into mangled junk.


-At her most volatile a mask will appear unbidden and from nowhere and she will begin to act like a savage beast. Apparently unable to control this, she refers to these instances as “Having an episode"

And also

-For whatever reason the lantern acts as a conduit for her evil energy and when she enters an enraged state the lantern begins to flicker with green fire. The green flame emits a deadly fume said to cause all manner of disability. For reasons she won't say, the latern holds "sentimental value" to her.

-Despite being a criminal she can also be quite goofy as she will often undermine her own points.

Hostage: You'll never get away with this!

Demsdale: (Mocking) You'll never get away with this. Please. If I had a nickle for every time I heard that I'd have like...twenty nickles! Huh...seems low. (Pause) Seriously, that's like what, a dollar? Shit. The hell am I doing with my life?


When she escaped the castle dungeons (or was she set loose?) the locals grew incredibly worried. Though she has yet to attack another town, its practically a guarantee. At the very least someone has to be sent to deal with it. They only need find where the fugitive is hiding.

Despite her brazen and smug attitude there is an element of regret for her past misdeeds. Though she could be rehabilitated, no one is willing to take that chance, let alone put in the time or the energy.


If you had trouble with a couple of tin plated roaches then you've made a serious mistake pesterin' me- Demsdale Brook


You can't pretend to know. Every time I'd black out, no clue what was happening, til' I awoke to horror all around me. All the things I've done and I...I began to hope that the next time I checked out, I'd wake up to find myself on the receiving end. - Brook

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ninetails1405 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
I think she would be that type of enemy that would already look forward to defeating Suki and her gang the moment she laid eyes on them! I like the art style as well, it looks so similar to that of the game already.
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
She is the kind of character who loves sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and causing problems for no other reason than she can. 

And I'm glad you liked the art style.  I'm always really worried when I look at my own art.  Especially when I look at the lantern and I want to face palm myself. No, I disagree!        
ugiel Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Summing up her design, her story and her personality - Brook will undoubtedly make a perfect mad enemy (maybe a real boss demanding a couple of different fights to get beaten) who eventually transform into an eccentric, kinda crazy friend :)
ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
It would be amazing if she got a boss fight or two.  To be honest I'd say out of the group I think she would hate Suki on principle, be apathetic to Athena, but get along swimmingly with Carol.  But they'd just have to teach her who's top dog first.   
ugiel Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Everything's possible ;) Good luck in the contest!
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