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ALC: NPCs by ArtemioM05 ALC: NPCs by ArtemioM05
"Yes, mother...of course." you promise.

"Good." she visibly relaxes.  "Now, please, enjoy the day" she makes a "shooing" motion with her hand as she smiles warmly at the three of you.  With her blessing you depart towards town.   

"What are the odds the townsfolk got food they'd be willing to share?" Demsdale asks, rubbing her stomach as you hike along the simple dirt path.

"No idea." you reply, and frown.  You are starting to feel hungry too...

"Soooo....who wants to ask if they got spare munchies?" Brook asks.

"...I think that can wait until we get their names first." you respond with a light giggle.


As you journey across the mountain forest you gradually find yourself on the outskirts of town, separated by a shallow stream that runs along the outer wall and a craggy rock face.  The dusty town stretches before you, the citizens going about their lives, seemingly unaware that you have finally awoken.  The morning sun pours down onto the sandy street, bathing it in a vibrant yellow.  There is the sound of hammers and saws nearby as the wind blasts down from over the wall.  You soak it all in...and you feel a bit sheepish.  The people of Halphas...supposedly they are quite dear to you and cannot place any of their faces.  No matter where you look, you are not entirely sure who is who, much less their history with the three of you. 

While you ponder a mustached man coated in sweat marches past, armed with a couple of buckets, clearly heading towards the well.  He is gulping for breath but he seems like he is in a good mood, if a little wearied from whatever task he had been performing.  As you follow him your gaze shifts to the three soldier stationed across a small bridge across the stream, seemingly guarding the stone building etched into the face of the old mountain rock.  They watch you silently, without reaction.  You frown.  Not very excited to see you.  But then...maybe you pelted them with eggs or something when the three of you were feeling mischievous...or something...

You are broken out of thought as the sound of an old crone carries across the air.  She raises her fist and shakes it in impotent rage at a well dressed man as they bicker in front of a nearby house.  You are unsure what they could be arguing about...but at the same time, maybe you could offer help?  At the very least you would have an excuse to talk with them, if only to figure out the problem.  And seem him.  Deano.  He gives the three of you a wave, smirking, before heading away from the town, seemingly taking the trail leading down towards the forest below.  

"...Guess its time to make small talk..." you murmur.

"Don't suppose we can take a moment to figure out what we're doing?" Demsdale asks.

"Yeah...seems like something a smart person would do." Brook agrees, "And we' smart too, right?"

A.  Talk to Mr. Mustache

B. Talk to the Mute Brigade

C. Talk to the Squabbles

D. Talk to the Forbidden One.
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ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
B is the winner
vendoth Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
JezebethNoir Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
FuryouMiko Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student Writer
A. Mr. Mustache is closest, and your stronger sister can help with his buckets to win a smile.
KageDavies Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeeerm..... Lets trrrryyyyyyy....... B.
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