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ALC: ITS ME!!!  DEANO!!! by ArtemioM05 ALC: ITS ME!!!  DEANO!!! by ArtemioM05
"Well...yes.  Talking would be lovely mother..." you agree softly.  This seems to please her.

"You've been resting for a while now.  I'm sure this must be strange to you."

"Yes.  Losing my memory...well, all of our memories.  It is quite strange." you nod.  You can't help but notice that Demsdale strangely looks dissatisfied with her meal despite woofing it done like a barnyard animal.

"So...there are gifts to be delivered?  What are they?"  you ask as harmless a question as you can think.

"Dresses." your mother answers.  "The Mayor commissioned me to make some noble dresses to present the aristocrats of Hammond.  It took a good amount of time though.  He is certainly lavish in his tastes."

"What did he want?"

"Silk interwoven with fine jewels and silver bands.  It was quite a project, but I enjoyed the task.  The materials were not easily acquired though." she frowns.  Sometimes I think Tolgun overestimates my skill as a mere tapestry weaver."

"You weave tapestries?" Brook asks incredulous.

"Yes.  Why?" your mother responds, raising an eyebrow.

"Well...this is kind of a big house isn't it?"

"Can you afford it?" Demsdale chimed in, shifting her eyes from her plate to your mother and back.  Brook seems to have lost her train of thought and start playing with the dining ware.  You can't help but grin at the two.  Your sisters...they were never perfect.  But you loved them...ever since you-

You wince as your headache grows worse.

"River?  Are you alright?  Do you need to return to bed?" your mother asks, sounding quite concerned.

"No.  I'll...I'll be fine." you pause.  Something was not right.  Your sisters.  Your mother. recall that you met your sisters before you met your mother.  But why...?

"Mother?" you ask suddenly.


"We're not really your daughters are we?" you don't understand why your mind seems to be rebelling against your memories.  Hitting your head couldn't have this bad an effect, could it?  However, your mother visibly flinches at that, as if she had been stung by an especially large bee. 

"I thought...I thought that didn't matter to you any more?" she asked, clearly hurt.  Your sisters for their part turn and glare at you. 

"What the hell River?" Demsdale asks.

"Language Demsdale." your mother chides her gently.  She turns back to you.  "But yes.  I did adopt you, its true."

"Then who's our father?  And our mother?" you ask suddenly.

"I-..." she pauses.  "A good man.  And a loving woman."

"That's all?" Brook asked, lowering the fork she had been planning to set as part of an improvised catapult. 

"I don't wish to speak of it." your mother responds, voice firm.

"I..." you hesitate.  This is not how you wanted your conversation with mother to go.  She was worried about you.  Visions fill your mind of her watching over you as you slowly recovered from that terrible fall.  Each day her eyes were filled with dread, and she barely left your side.  How could you repay her kindness like this?  You shuffle awkwardly in place.

"Perhaps...perhaps we should" you suggest, keep your eyes firmly fixed on the bowl of fruit in front of you.  You can practically feel her frown etching itself in your brain.

"If you wish." she nods.  "Go, enjoy the day.  I hope you feel better soon."  she gets up, rounding the table and gives each of you a loving hug.  "Just remember, you are everything to me.  You are all I have in this world." she tells you softly, before releasing you.

"I know...Mother."


"Well that was awkward as hell.  Thanks River."

"What?" you ask.

"I was gonna ask for seconds, and then you spoiled the mood." Demsdale complained.

"You ate a whole plate's worth in like thirty seconds."

"Still hungry."

"Ugh..." you rub your temple.

" what do we do?" Brook asked.

"I suppose we could-"

"HEY!  LOOK WHOSE FINALLY OUT OF BED!" a low husky voice booms out.  All three of you turn your head to the source of the voice.  A black top sticks out from behind the hedge, and soon a face pops out, complete with a big goofy grin. 

"Don't tell me you forget!?  It's me!  Your darling Deano!" he declares, practically strutting to meet you.  You all look at each other.  Who the hell is this?  Well...what do you do?


A.  Ask him to properly introduce himself and maybe explain things?

B. Politely excuse yourself and go exploring?

C. Throw rocks at him while screaming "BANANA!"?
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vendoth Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017

Identify yourself.
ImaginaryLex Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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A. With that adorable stutter that makes people think you fancy them... (ugh!)
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Oh C, for surely.
By which I mean B. Screw Deano.
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