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ALC Ewww! by ArtemioM05 ALC Ewww! by ArtemioM05
Fei...she is in front of you.  The desert sand is beneath you.  Ruins loom overhead.  And it is cold.  You look to your right.  There is a winged girl with red know her...that's your sister...


You turn to your left...another winged girl, with woven hair of shimmering crimsons and golds.  She...she is your sister too...

Chains are wrapped around your neck.  You feel your arms pinned back behind you.  They are locked in place with heavy shackles.  The iron burns at your skin.  You whimper.  Yet your mother ignored your pleas.

"I told you it was a gift." a man's voice breaks out of the darkness.  There was a hint of desperation in his voice.

"I can't believe you sometimes Klive." Fei's voice practically snapped like a whip. 

Your attention returns to your "mother".  Before her is a man in a ragged coat holding a frumpled top hat between his bandaged hands.  He reeks of booze.  Yet she shows no reaction to his grungy appearance.  But she looks...displeased?

"I thought you might appreciate some company?  Would it help to know they're Negrido?" he tugged on your chain just a little.  In response your own wings flap in alarm.  "...Can't be left with civilized company...not without someone powerful enough to keep them in check."

"So you bought me slaves?  Pets?  That I should devote all of my days as their keeper?  How did you think I would respond." she scowled.

"Slaves?  I-no, that wasn't what-"

"Then what is it Klive?"

"I would like to have someone...maybe..." he struggled with the words, "to have as a family again..."


"I know, I know it lose-"

"You can't claim to know a thing about what I lost.  You ran, remember." her eyes practically glowed contempt.

"No.  I remember." the man admitted with a sigh.  "But I wasn't lying when I said they don't have a place to go.  Can't sell them.  Creatures like these will be too crafty to be kept long.  Even with Leech's work.

"...So this is how you'd try to get in my good graces?"

"..." he looked away.

"This is sick Klive."

"I would want to try again...and a family." he offered weakly.

"...I'll take them Klive.  If only to make sure that they are well kept.  But don't you ever bring me a "gift" like this again." Fei warns.



You feel something cold poking your side.

"Wh-wargh!" you screech at the sight of a raggedy corpse grabbing hold of your arm.  "Ewww!  Ewww!"

"ArE yoU aaallRigHt...MiSSsss R-riVer?" the corpse asks.


What is it about dreams turning into nightmares?

A.  Talk to the corpse

B.  Attack!
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A...? I mean its making words!
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B. Kill it! Kill it with fire!
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