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ACL: A Vast Graveyard by ArtemioM05 ACL: A Vast Graveyard by ArtemioM05
The sun begins to hang high in the sky.  River might have been an apt name as you begin to sweat buckets.  The hunger gnaws at you.  You don't understand...but maybe you should have had breakfast.  The villagers turn to watch the three of you...and you get flashbacks of their burning green eyes surrounding you in the flickering dark...and you grow wary.

"Let's um...take a stroll on the wall." you suggest.

"The wall?  Is that legal?" Demsdale asked raising her eyebrow.

"There's got to be some rule about it." Brook adds.

"I don't see a sign." you point out.

"...What about that one?" Brook asks, pointing out the sign just next to you.

(Caution: Construction Zone)

"...C'mon!" you demand, pulling on your little sisters arm.  The collective stares of the bystanders is growing to be more than you can bear.  They grumble, but follow you obediently.  Each log groans just a tiny bit as you make your way up the wall.  It was a bit of a climb, dragging yourself up rope ladders and weaving your way under the pillars of the nearby gantry.  In hindsight perhaps a construction zone isn't the best place to navigate in a dress.  Rubbing your brow of sweat there is a pair of gasps behind you.


"How long has this been here!?"

You blink the sweat out of your eyes, the salty stain relentlessly irritating your vision.  A moment later and your vision clears.  A vast, vast graveyard stretches out across the desert's horizon. are confused.  There is no way this village could have filled this graveyard.  Even if every villager who died in the last thousand years was chucked into a hole...there was no way.  You...have no clue what this is.  Nearby you see some workers milling about, working on repairing the wall.  Perhaps they'd know...but then-

"You think there was a war...or something?" Brook asked.

You aren't sure about that either...but...maybe?  But then...argh!  Why can't you remember anything!? 

"We can always ask?" you suggest.

"We don't want to come across as dumb though."

"We all bashed our heads on rocks apparently...I think we'll get a pass."

"I don't want to spend the whole day asking questions though..." Brook cut in as her stomach growled, "I'm starving...are are we going to eat or what?" Brook complained.

"I thought we were gonna try to catch the thief?" Demsdale asked, clearly confused.


A: Ask about the Graves?

B: Go find something to eat?

C: Pick back up the investigation?
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ArtemioM05 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
A is the winner
vendoth Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
A the hell is this and what danger is there?.
KageDavies Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A! Curiosity never hurt ought that wasn't feline after all...
FuryouMiko Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Student Writer
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