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Folklore Profile: Huldra

"Huldra" - Theodor Kittelsen, 1892
By far the most prominent folklore creature in my gallery, I figured I would talk a bit about huldra, and go much more in depth than I've previously done. I've looked through many different stories and supposed "true" anecdotes from back when people still believed in this creature to get as accurate information about her as possible.
The word "huldra"
The word "huldra" most likely stems from the old Norse verb "hylja", which means "to hide" or "to cover", although some speculate that the word may also be related to the sorceress and seer Huld from Norse mytology. It's difficult to know for sure, as stories about the huldrefolk have been around since at least the Viking Age, but were first written down in the 1840's, and a lot of information gets changed, added and omitted when stories are passed around by word of mouth. Huldra is primarily the Norwegian word for the creature, althou
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Another portrait of an old character! She was actually my ""main"" character throughout a lot of my childhood, and the first character I was actually proud of. I was feeling nostalgic so I decided that I'm gonna attempt redoing her entire story. Her name was originally Yuna, but her story had an arc in which she drastically changed to the point of basically just being a completely different person (and not in the good, character development-y way), so upon remaking her I've decided to just turn her into two separate characters. This is Nodoka, the version of Yuna who was prim, haughty, and compulsively dishonest; the other, who will simply be named Yuna, is more proudly obnoxious and fiery - I'll probably try drawing her next. =)
A first attempt at semi-realism! This is an old character of mine, Circe (as...the title...suggests). Coloring her hair was probably the biggest challenge since it's so white and I had to rely on the colors it would be reflecting to define it. I like how it turned out, though! I'm probably going to do a bunch of portraits like this, starting with revisiting my old characters and eventually working my way up to the recent ones. and yes, her eyes are intentionally staring in opposite directions. She be like that.
Princess of Roses
Nothing that happened outside of the garden's colorful walls of foliage seemed to matter. The days, weeks, years' events blurred together like some distant dream so long as she stayed within the evergreen fortress; reality could not touch her till it was time to leave her violets and roses and lilies and carnations for the daily struggle. And till then, it was time to sit in the gazebo and reminisce about running through bramble and wildflowers with half-forgotten friends.

I originally drew this character and posted her to my old account a few months ago, but I just now got around to finishing the background! I think this is the most work I've put into a piece. Her design was already hard enough as it was - especially figuring out the color palette and making the lineart for such an intricate mess - but the background was a huge challenge, especially that stupid gazebo and those stupid flowers. I really wanted to try making a nice background for a change, though, so I referenced it from a Victorian painting that I don't know the source of and can't find again. I actually really like how it came out in the end!
Also, I unintentionally gave her the same color palette as the lesbian flag. I'm just so proud of that and I'll never not be proud of that.
People always seem to get angry when they're told something they don't want to believe. Never fair, that mentality, because it's rarely the messenger's fault: They're just the one repeating information to you. Which is precisely why Rosemarie's policy when it comes to her gossip sessions with moderate-to-severely tipsy townsfolk - indeed, her philosophy for life itself - is a resounding "I don't brew the tea, I just serve it". Not her fault she's the bearer of bad news - she just heard about the scandal before you did.

This was super fun to work on! I'd been meaning to redesign this character for awhile and I finally got around to it. Her outfit was inspired by various historical Azalea's Dolls games!


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