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Hey all,

For anyone interested in my painting process I have a tutorial up on Gumroad, which you can find here:

Let me know if you're interested in more tutorials like this and I'll make more. If not, let me know what you'd like to see instead, thanks!
Hey everyone!

For those who are interested I made a quick time lapse video of me doing some character sketching.

Let me know if you'd like to see more of this kind of stuff or if you have any suggestion and maybe I'll make it a regular thing.


Character Sketching Video
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Hi all!

I have recently put up a selection of my images on InPRNT. If you're interested in getting my prints go ahead and have a look! If you’d like to request a specific image that is not up there let me know and I’ll upload it. Thanks!
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Hey everyone,

Just a quick message to let you all know I have a new website:  and a new reel.


Feel free to check it out if you're interested, thank you.
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Hey everyone!

For the past 6 weeks I've been working on a short animation with a group of 5 other people as a part of BFX Animation and VFX Festival in Bournemouth, UK (read more about BFX HERE). Our animation is 1 out of 10 entries submitted for the BFX competition. I've had an amazing time and it was really a wonderful experience working with my talented team members. I would like to share our movie with you guys and I would really appreciate if you could give us a LIKE on YouTube. Your likes will count as votes for the public award so spread it among your friends if you enjoyed the animation.


Also be sure to check out the other entries on the BFX channel, I'm sure you'll enjoy them too!
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I just wanted to thank for all the lovely comments you guys posted on my Ice King painting! Unfortunately I don't have enough time at the moment to reply to all of them but I read them all and I really appreciate them! Thank you! Also I want to welcome all my new watchers :)
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Hello, I've been getting questions lately whether I do commissions. The answer is yes, I am open for commissions at the moment and I do charge. So if you have questions send me an email or a note on dA.
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As you guys probably noticed I am not submitting any work since couple weeks (or months..) and I don't feel very well with this...It's because of many projects that I have to do for my school :/ I just can't find some free time to sit and do some personal stuff and when I do find some I am too tired to do anything. However, (I hope :D ) things are about to change - I got one project left untill the end of the year, so I will be uploading new stuff soon, i promise :)
My new painting is coming up next week so be prepered!
Hi guys, I hope you had great Christmas because I really did. I will be uploading new works soon as I got WACOM Intuos3 from Santa :dance::dance::dance: !! At the moment I am working on my first painting so it should be finished by the end of this week, I hope :)
Merry Christmas everyone! I am wishing you special and magical Christmas, together times and your dreams come true. Have a joyful holiday and a Great New Year!
Hi there, as you probably noticed I don't update my journal very often but I am kind of busy since I started new school in September. Anyway, I am planing to buy a tablet :w00t:. I've been thinking about the Bamboo Fun, but actually I have no idea which would be suitable for me. Maybe some of you guys have any clue about tablets? If you do share it with me :)

Also, dont forget to check out this guy


He is really good, so go and watch him ;p !
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I finally reached the number of 1,000 pageviews :dance:! I want to thank you all for that and especially those guys who have supported me and featured me and my work, I appreciate that:

:iconbloknayrb: :iconerikshoemaker: :iconr3v4n: :iconmcchaz: :iconragebringer: :iconsynax444:

                      THANK YOU!
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Nareszcie po wielu dniach oczekiwań, po nieprzespanych nocach nadeszła przez wszystkich oczekiwana chwila - zostało otarte forum MemBlock. Zapraszam do odwiedzania forum!

Zapraszam również do odwiedzania strony z tutorialami do Cinemy4D

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Już 24 lipca oficjalne otwarcie portalu graficznego gromadzącego najnowsze wiadomości, poradniki i pomoce w świecie grafiki, zrzeszającego wielu grafików do których także i Ty możesz dołączyć. Portal to także miesięczna porcja wyróżnionych, najlepszych prac, wywiady oraz przedstawienie ich autorów. Wkrótce po portalu zostanie otwarte także forum na którym będą prowadzone luźne dyskusje. Na forum każdy może zaprezentować swoją twórczość, zostać zauważonym oraz oceniać i być ocenianym. Forum to także liczne konkursy. Pierwszy z nich będzie miał na celu wyłonienie najlepszego projektu maskotki naszego serwisu, nagroda którą otrzyma zwycięzca to kamerka internetowa marki CREATIVE.

Zapraszam do reklamy klubu w journalach :)
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MemoryBlock to oficjalny klub powstającego serwisu mający za zadanie zrzeszenie wszystkich polskich grafików, oraz rozwijanie ich umiejętnośći.

Aby dołączyć do klubu wystarczy napisać wiadomość, z informacją o chęci dołączenia do klubu.

W profilu klubu stopniowo będą ukazywały się najlepsze prace członków klubu starannie wybierane przez wyselekcjonowaną do tego grupę moderatorów. Więcej informacji wkrótce...

Obserwujcie profil, by dowiedzieć się więcej o nadchodzącej rewolucji...
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