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Asteroid mining

By ARTek92
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A quick concept of an asteroid mining base.
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Reminds me of the movie with Sean Connery, "Outworld".
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Pretty cool, but that architecture doesnt make any sense o_O
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Hi there, love your work.

Just a quick comment to ask if it would be okay to use part of this image as a placeholder cover for my novel while I work on it over on NaNoWriMo? Credit given, of course.
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It's okay if it's just a temporary placeholder, however if you're planning on using it for other purposes we can discuss it further.  
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Thank you. I used it during the July challenge on the CampNaNo website, but I've since taken it down.
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I am doing a space settlement project and can i use this image in my project, completely crediting the credits to u.
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Ok, sure go ahead! Thanks for letting me know first.
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this is beautiful O_O
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How long did this take? I really like it.
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It took about 3-4 hours I think.
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The lighting is great, love the OSL.
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Likely all mining outposts will be unmanned. That very well could be a dwarf planet moon thingy. Very nice.
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Looks a lot like the open pit copper mine in my hometown, Ajo, Arizona.

On earth, blasting sends debris along parabolic arcs that quickly return to earth. On an asteroid, a lot of the rocks and dust would be sent into orbit about the rock. It would result in a permanent debris cloud that would make landing and leaving the rock more difficult.

I believe blasting will be done under blast blankets. Or perhaps the mines will be tunnels burrowed underground instead of open pit. If humans are present, they would need to be underground to protect them from radiation.
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Fair points. But it was just an idea, perhaps the asteroid/dwarf planet was big enough to have a strong gravitational pull to get the debris back on the surface or maybe its neighbouring planet pulled it back, and perhaps the open pit mining was a cheaper and more efficient way of getting resources. As for the radiation maybe the asteroid is orbiting a gas giant with a big magnetic field that shields humans from harmful rays, not sure :). But again it all can be a debate, thank you for the comment!
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Just amazing.
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