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Batman Dark Knight - Animated Series

By Arte-Animada
A personal concept for The Dark Knight Animated Series!

Done all in Zbrush!

Hope u like it !

Cheers !!

(Concept art by !!!
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© 2012 - 2021 Arte-Animada
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wondawasumarujera's avatar
Somebody make this show! Much better than "Batman Unlimited"
Mortal-Kombat-XI's avatar
 i love this !!! please where is download link !!!Heart I think I've fainted. :happybounce: 
the-finale-chaotic's avatar
They really should do a series like the original BTAS.. And this gives it justice plus a hint of being current. This will be 10x better than that Beware the Batman.  
batmanadik05's avatar
They should've used this for Beware The Batman.
Arte-Animada's avatar
Thanks bro! and yes i do think so too.. hehehe
jiv-hey's avatar
not so personal !! the Pixar"s design ! nice try
Emerald-Thunder-HQ's avatar
This looks awesome! I also had that idea as well!
spikedpsycho's avatar
That's an amazing suit. Streamlined, simple but detailed.
Arte-Animada's avatar
HEy Dude!!..Thankyou very much for the comment !^^
AJTalon's avatar
Great concept!
Arte-Animada's avatar
Thank you very much !!!
AJTalon's avatar
AshBrad93's avatar
Oh god, this is so amazing!

this actually looks like something for The Dark Trilogy game :)

What do u think?
Arte-Animada's avatar
Hey ! Thank you very much Bro !
Yeah, i started to think about an animated series, but a game in this style would be very nice too !
Thanks for the comment and for the kind words....

Cheers !
AshBrad93's avatar
ur welcome, such a shame u won be able to help out on my Metal Gear project im doing, ur 3d modelling and texturing would have been a MASSIVE help :)

We got a 3d animator and would be nice to animate ur fine work :)
Capt-Exce77ence's avatar
love it....but his arms are uncomfortably short
Arte-Animada's avatar
Thank you very much ! Its a cartoon version, the proportions are purposely alterated ! ...but thank for the comment !
Capt-Exce77ence's avatar
yes, but even cartoons are to abide by certain rules
Arte-Animada's avatar
if you follow all the rules you'll wont be able to increase your mind...
Capt-Exce77ence's avatar
I'm just saying that these rules are meant to leave the viewer comfortable with what they are seeing. i see that everything else is proportional (lengthwise) except for the arms. making more than one aspect disproportional will regain this balance. Otherwise it gives the viewer the impression that his arms are of little importance- it feels strange when one knows that, being a martial arts master, his arms are on of the most important parts to his character (weird to think about). Don't forget that I'm not trying to be a dick as I already said that it looks awesome. Also don't appreciate the condescending feel of that response.
Arte-Animada's avatar
Ok Bro, i appreciate that you gave some time to explain yourself about your point of view.
And sorry if i was a little rude, i just like to free my mind at all with all views.

Thanks again for the reply!
Soon ill post here the catwoman... hope u like it too !

Cheers !
mhking's avatar
I love this!
superherocomputerart's avatar
dude i cant wait for the new series it looks so promising and this makes look even more awesome!
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