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Yay giant robots and Kaiju! UMPH I'm so happy that Ultraman/Evangelion is finally coming to the big screen!!! but hollywood just calls it Rim Job.

So I'm doing a lil tribute to giant robot/monster fans everywhere :D:D:D

Props to my boy :iconiononemillion: for bringing the idea of that super heated metal n sparks look for the punching arm from the high velocity impact.
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is there a tumblr rebloggable version of this? i want to share this on my blog
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god, that's so cool. that heated metal idea... makes you wish they used the same visual effects in the movie
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so powerful! You can see the energy being produced with that punch! Captured so well! Brilliant work
i really love your illumination effect :)
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Ultraman/Evangelion? You mean Pacific Rim right?
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you are good at answering your own questions! :)
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Oh lol no i didnt mean it like that X__X
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what is the name of this movie people keep saying rim job is it a pacific rim sequel coming out ?
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giant robo meets giant monster , they have tea and then found out no one brought tea
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POW! Loved that movie.
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I love this!! Great lighting and brush work. You get a great feel for the impact of the punch with the ambient lighting. great job.
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This would have been an awesome addition to Pacific Rim lol
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By the way, the titles you give to your works are pretty awesome too.
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Yes, that metal heating up by the friction isn't in that movie. But it sure would fit. Great job :clap:
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This 1000% completely fucking rules.
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I really love this. Could fit in well as a Jaeger in Pacific Rim.
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