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Rattling Bloom

Heh heh heh... Not this time your Majesty.

Tool: Vicarious + Adventure Time = good times
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I just realized all these years later that death is a pale horse.

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Thats a wonderful fanart. You show how the Death is cool and spooky with this style.

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Man, I love the amount of detail in this. The edges of his worn out hat and clothes, his strap to his handbag, his skull being that of a horse, his shriveled hand and skin, and of course the penny.

I just love how human his hands look, but you can clearly see the bone, they're just so thin and sickly, as if he's just a skeleton wearing skin for appearance. 
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Thank you! Glad you like it.
It is an abomination that we have learned to live with.
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omfg... i love it
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Ohh amazing... Es mi nuevo fondo de pantalla xD
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Ooooooooh... LOVE this :clap:
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This is the type of art that pushes me to get into digital drawing. This is badass I really like it !
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Please draw him taunting the dying nice king, whilst "driving" alongside him.
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Adventure time had really awesome design of Death. I really like it
Hi, I'm the one who got tattooed your work. I totally love it and I'm thankful you did it. Now I just hope you don't mind I have it inked on me. Thank you!
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Hey I'm honored that you dig the painting, and I don't mind at all. Please enjoy the tattoo and thanks for sharing!
If it was me, and if I drew, I'd see it as the ultimate form of flattery, that my work was so good someone got it more or less permanently branded on them.
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hey thanks for sharing, this is kinda cool!

Now they have to get a tattoo of my other Adventure time painting Adventure Is Waiting by ArtMagix  :p
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Awesome work!
The style is awesome
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love death, he looks like an ancient spirit of the west
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it's a realy cool representation
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This is incredible. I have no words to say how I love this. Congratulations, this is an amazing work.
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This could totally be in the Top 10 of Adventure Time's background Characters Fanarts.
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