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Morte de Manu

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The Hand of Death?
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Close enough haha. Cool name and kickass artwork.
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Very DarkSun/Brom-esque. I love the lighting.
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I'd LOVE too see a full body illustration of this OC. WOW!Jawdrop 
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incredible design! I love it
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Very nice.
Looks like space oriental Sith attire.
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Amazingly haunting and the details on the armor and helmet/skull are absolutely exquisite. Makes me think of Dark Souls a bit, but regardless, fantastic work.
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Id have this on my wall
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Wow. Can we have a backstory for this? I feel like there's a lot there that we aren't getting. It's made me super curious. I love the ... well the everything, you have going on. Honestly fantastic work.
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freakin beautiful!!!!!
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I'm not safe in front of this screen.
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Very cool indeed!
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SICK, that is just so cool...
watching you now :D
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creepy. nice shading here
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Too pro bro
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