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March 12, 2009
Birds of War by ~343GuiltySpark Suggestor said: If you had only word to describe this work, what would it be ? Superb, awesome, fantastic and lovely would be striking words. It is so nice to look at this piece, because the atmosphere is rousing and you just cannot take your eyes off it. Truely an amazing work. I say: There's nothing to add!!!
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Suggested by 161before
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Birds of War




A kick-off for 2008

Screamer taking the lead, with SkyWarp and ThunderCracker following closely from behind. Bad boyz 4 life.

Sorry for the terrible, terrible compressed upload, hopefully these detailed shots will explain stuff a bit better : (


I was originally going to have an all out battle between the se Decepticon flyers against the Macross Valkyries. Well since I never do pre-sketch compositions, it turned out that it just wasn't going to work. Boohoo. Also I was going to have SW and TC as F15s, but seeing that Screamer was already a Raptor, so it made no sense stepping backwards on their technology. Oh yea this would also be the first time I've kinda painted a space scenery, so it obviously looks like crap.

By the way to be honestly, no offense or anything but Autobots can never be as sick as Decepticons... EVER Even though in the cartoons and movie the good guys always win, I'm pretty sure in real life when a an alien turns into a tank or an F22 then comes at you, your robot sportcar isn't gonna do much, other than explode.

Special thanks to Kai for letting me use his "RDAF" abbrev lol 'We Soar Forever!'

Refs used for jets + Screamer

Art (c) JinJian Xu
Characters (c) Hasbro
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