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GREED V.3 pg1

By ArtDevil401
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This is Greed v.3, the 3rd version of greed and the best one so far to me.
The first one was a math problem because I had to keep adding and subtracting things to him, and the second one was a manga thing that I placed in my comics for a while, and now this one is its own thing and hopefully I wont have to go to a GREED v.4 .

I guess this is sort of a Ref picture sheet for him just showing his powers and more actual body poses he has. I’ve made some changes to his character in the informational area and somewhat in the visual areas as well.
GREED is now affiliated with a group known as DOLLfACE. It acts as a hunter group hunting supernatural beings and sealing them inside of a statue which acts as a portal to the other realm. GREED is only 2nd in command.
^group members include:
Kesh- greeds older brother( name needs change, help needed), he has a bear mask-task force
Liz- the member with a actual reference to the group name, she has a doll mask- task force
Greed- childrens doll, has circular yokai mask-2nd in command
H.- spy member, has cymbal monkey based mask
Real Name: Dominic Hartlage
Age:96 earth years
Affiliation: DOLLfACE
Doll body: Greed is only in the doll body for the purposes of staying alive ( soul wise). Underneath the doll fabric is a disfigured pound of flesh that used to be Dominic Hartlage. The angrier Greed gets the more organic he becomes and the fleshy insides start to show. The doll body is a customized sock monkey with the head he has now. The members of DOLLfACE usually take attributes from their doll masks or bodies in which Greed’s would be a monkeys acrobatic skill and speed. Greed doesnt have fingers so he holds things with his strings he can however create little nubs to at least grip things.
Color Scheme: light Red and black
Weapons of choice: his sword, his scythe(s),stitches whip
Sword Update:
-Sword’s name is Affinity now and is female
-The hilt and handle of the sword is now fleshy but still manageable
-Affinity is sentient and responds to GREEDs commands
-Affinity has a eye and a heart on the hilt of the sword indicating that it is somewhat “alive”
-She cannot change her weight only her length
Scythe Update (not really a update)
The scythe named Envy is Affinity’s other half
-Envy is made by peeling affinity in half
-Envy is also sentient and has a eye and a heart at the top of the stick near the beginning of the blade( not shown in picture)
-Rarely used
Stitches whip ( shown in second ref sheet)
The stitches whip is one of GREED’s newer weapons. It is made by peeling of a layer of stitches on GREED’s body and using the item as a whip, the actual whip is made of the string that the stitches were holding together and the stitches make individual blades that increase in size when they are targeted against something making them more lethal. The stitches whip is one of the faster weapons in Greed’s arsenal obviously because it’s the lightest. The whip also has kunai like ends to them so Greed can throw the whip when needed.

One of Greed’s get out of a trap moves. He basically breaths fire at the victim which causes them to be blind by the fires light and also burned by it. This is only a one shot move because Greed is not a fire based being.

GREED, and concept of DOLLfACE belongs to :iconartdevil401:
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