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Day 8

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Dungeon Boss, I added also a reward here.
Its a book of blood, but he is not able to open it, he just protect it, its dark red crystal has a power to bring dead to life, but not as the green crystal of life, all what is revived, that lives, it depend on character how he use it, for good,or evil. 
You can revive only one person ,character, or creature, just because you have to sacrifice half of your soul for it.
Only strong necromancers has a power to reborn more, just because they can use a rotten souls of undead creatures.
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Very great design ! :la: And awesome coloring !
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It looks wonderful! ^^Good job :D
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I know this is the kind of world of warcraft villain but for some reason I am reminded of Gnasty Gnorc from Spyro. Good show.
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no, its not , maybe inspired a bit. Ive done it for 30 day rpg challenge :)
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Oh I see, well I was making a generalisation. Good work nevertheless