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Art Deco architecture in all its glory! Movie theaters, factories, department stores, skyscrapers, diners, churches, government buildings and more! The focus is photography but there are also folder for digital and traditional depictions of Deco architecture, both exterior and interior. We'll also include Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Streamline Moderne architecture, since some of those styles are very similar to Deco. Also Neo-Deco, i.e. new buildings done in the Deco style.
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Cream And Pink 1 by wiebkefesch
Bel Aire 1 by wiebkefesch
Beige And White House 2 by wiebkefesch
Beige And White House 1 by wiebkefesch
Georges Dock rld 06 DAsm by richardldixon
Georges Dock rld 05 DAsm by richardldixon
Georges Dock rld 03 DAsm by richardldixon
Georges Dock rld 04 DAsm by richardldixon
Belgrade, 1930's - 3 by lumilanous
Art Deco Hall by JohnK222
Art Deco Dining by JohnK222
Art Deco Bar by JohnK222
Architectural Details
Picture blackpool shots 020 by Sceptre63
Picture blackpool shots 018 by Sceptre63
Picture blackpool shots 014 by Sceptre63
Georges Dock rld 01 DAsm by richardldixon
Statues and Monuments
Guardian of Traffic: II by ab-insula-Avalonia
Guardian of Traffic: I by ab-insula-Avalonia
Rockefeller Center - Statue of Prometheus by SeiMissTake
Prongs by dhlawrence1985
Derelict Buildings
Constitution Building by wiebkefesch
Bradford Odeon rld 02 by richardldixon
Bradford Odeon rld 01 by richardldixon
Couch Building by CitizenNomad
New Art Deco
The Atlantic by wiebkefesch
shelf life by awjay
The Atlantic by wiebkefesch
West Palm Beach Public Library 3 by wiebkefesch
Digital Design
Barrelhouse - a by lumilanous
Barrelhouse - b by lumilanous
Barrelhouse - c by lumilanous
Aeropostale by DecoEchoes
Traditional Art
In the City by fhgonzalez
First United Building by migzmiguel08
Empire state of mind by MDefour
Ottawa by DecoEchoes
Featured Related
Deco Hood Ornament by vanfoto
Art Nouveau door 2 by enframed
Art nouveau door 1 by enframed
Art Nouveau window 4 by enframed
Related Architectural Styles
Cheesecake Factory 2 by wiebkefesch


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Hi everyone!

Been a while since I made a blog post here but I wanted to remind folks that this group remains active and I still accept submissions.

A note on submissions, however. This group focuses on Art Deco architecture and also showcases examples of related styles like Bauhaus, Constructivism, Art Nouveau, etc. It is NOT the group to submit your photos of ancient monuments, nineteenth century gravestones, Medieval churches, Italian Neoclassical or other things which are not only clearly not Art Deco but predate the style by decades, centuries or millenia. (The exception to this would be submissions of photos of ancient styles that influenced Deco like Mayan or Egyptian.) Not that these are a huge problem, since I have to review all submissions, but it's still annoying to get 25 submissions and have only a couple of them actually qualify. It's not the quality of the photos, it's the fact they just don't belong in the group!

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I reject photos which are NOT Art Deco or not even related vaguely to Art Deco. There are several photographers who over and over submit photos of castles, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces. Sometimes I will comment and politely explain, but sorry, it should be obvious that this is a very specific group. I'm not too sorry you're disappointed.
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