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Stealing time to do a few panels a day. getting the hang of the 3d posing . I like the options it gives . Stay tuned
I'm going to start posting some pencil and pen drawings done for published books that are now on sale on LULU

The current name for the series is GIRLFIGHT COMIX and have sold well, picking up fans regularly for eight years. And now, with the advent of digital art, which is fantastic, I've played with some concepts and am planning to release two new books very soon. One is completed. The other is slowly coming together.

The looks of both books are stylistically designed and unlike anything I've seen anywhere. As I love Digital Art, I strive to tweak the images a bit more, still keeping with an an erotic look that flatters the fantasy world of sensuous fighting between nude women.

Watch this space!!!

I've had this deviant page for about 8 years and have done nothing with it .

Time is is to start posting stuff and getting people to start a steady flow of art going.
I don't know if DEVIANT ART will accept my artwork.

s mostly of female fighting and I won't know if it'll get past the censors