Mad Man Steve Ch.2

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Let us not dwell in that particular action and time,
for it truly stepped far over the line towards crime.
Let us rather see where poor Steve took his first steps,
in a small part of Germany which he would rather forget.

Back then he was merely a normal boy,
though matchsticks already were his favourite toy.
Had he the chance he would snatch them from his dad,
a giant man, who when drunk, could get very mad.

But he cared not so long as he could enjoy his game
of burning insects to ashes with the matchstick's flame.
It was a calm day in April, a soft breeze roamed the land,
when this little game got quite out of his hand.

Bored from burning ants and once even a butterfly
a piercing screech rose up towards the blue sky.
Upset, the villagers soon searched for the cause
inside the forest, where Steve's hiding place was.

And what they found made them gasp in disbelief
as little Steve pulled up his burnt sleeves.
Before him layed the scorched corpse of miss Schmitz's cat;
an abhorrent stench in the air as he said: "Tit for tat!"

The villagers did not quite know what to say,
not sure whether they were part of a horrible play.
But finally, Steve's dad decided he should take action first
lest not to usher the mob's bloodthirst.

He jabbed his boy into his tiny little waist
and held his body in a firm but loving embrace.
Though in dead faint the boy dreamed of hell's fire
and it was this day when his sanity cut the last wire.
This is chapter two to a series of poems which tells the story of the very likable lunatic Steve! 

- Chapter 1
- Chapter 3

Revised May 21st, '14: - New structure -> Quatrains!
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You did a very good job with continuing onto the second chapter without loosing the theme and feel of the first one, which can be a hard thing to do at times without making it feel forced.

It was interesting to learn Steve's origin and you did a good job showing his slow decent into madness and his increasing urges as a pyro. And it was nice to learn that those fire ants really did have a place in all of it. ;D

I do wonder what on earth that poor cat did to young Steve to warrant such a punishment. But that is better left to the imagination in the long run~