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Stock used: :iconpoppyblake:

This was my entry for the 'Photoshop Phun Week 9' held by #MasterPhotoshop (won the competition)

Speedpaint of Bruges done in Photoshop CS5. I used wet media brushes with high opacity for a basic colourlayer and smaller brushes with 20-50% opacity for shading using darker values of the original ones.

Editing Program: Photoshop CS5
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo (16:9)
Time: ~4 hours (finished)
Fun Factor: Massive!
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How is this not a daily deviantion? anyway , its awesome!
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A daily deviation? That would be awesome. :la:
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I noticed! Isn't the new mention feature amazing? :)
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:D I completely forgot about that. 
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Well, it is new after all, isn't it? :)
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really awesome colours and textures there's a nice ambience about the picture. i agree with *secretly-broken's comments, particularly with the clouds, I usually find that if you paint in wiggly lines and circular motions you get more fluffy-looking clouds. but otherwise really awesome (: i especially like how you did the water, the subtle reflections really add realism to the painting (:
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Looking back at it from today, I absolutly agree with you. I would have done a lot of things different to be honest. Thanks for the feedback! :)
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i actually first saw this when it won the competition lol, i'm in the group :P no problem (:
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Thanks for reminding me. I should submit some more stuff xD
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no problem. dont see it as a chore though lol. (:
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Of course not C:
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Amazing! Good job for only under 4 hours of work!
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I quite like the general idea of this. But if you worked a little more in it, it could be a lot stronger.
I'm really fond of your water, especially the colour of it. It looks really pretty. :)
I like the blue of the sky too but the clouds look a little too scattered. If they were a tad more structured, it would look better, I think.
The buildings and trees also seem to kind of run into each other. If they had more definite shapes the picture, in its entirety, would be stronger.
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Thanks a lot for your feedback :)
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Glad you like it :)
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Nice for a speed paint. The edges of the clouds could be softer.
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I'm actually working on this right now, but thanks for the input anyway! This was a speedpaint at first, but I'm enhancing it.
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You might want to lower the opacity on the brush settings for the clouds and use a bigger brush. Good for you :)
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