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tidbit #11
sleep - the anxiety
before your heart beats
eternally worrying
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 12 3
tidbit #10
everything has already been said
but not by everybody yet
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 0 2
tidbit #9
you cannot save what
wants to break-
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 0
Vom Leid der Menschen
Ich finde nichts am Treiben auf den Straßen,
Den Parolen, Propaganda, wehend Fahnen.
Ich bin glücklich hier so lang es geht,
Und wach ich auf, ist es mein Herz das weht-
Denn dort droben überm Wolkenmeer,
Wo Götter trohnen zwischen Trümmerbergen
Aus Gas und Licht, dem Himmel leer
Und wo aus großen Städten Miniaturen werden,
Da schlag ich auf mein Zelt im Traum.
Ungestört, in lufter Höh, zieh ich meine Bahnen;
Genieße geistig Freiheit Frieden Raum
Wo Epen, überlebensgroß, ihren Ursprung nahmen.
Was hat das Leben, das es hier nicht gibt?
Es gibt Regen, freilich, doch steh ich drüber
Und blick ihm nach, bis auch er versiegt -
Sein Schatten macht hier nur die Erde trüber.
Ob es stürmt bekümmert mich nicht:
Treibe schwerelos über der Wolkenpracht,
Badend, labend, in nocturnem Licht
Einer auch mondlos hellen Nacht.
Wieso gibt es ihn nicht, den guten Mensch?
Gott erschuf ihn doch nach seinem Bild!
Er eilt so
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 2
tidbit #8
the world moves on so fast
with every step, we
outpace the past-
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 0 0
tidbit #7 (German)
können nicht fliegen
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 0 0
tidbit #6
donuts are like wedding rings-
only without the proposing.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 0
I named you Iustitia.
I see you every morning;
me, on my way to work, and
you, on your bench
near the train station.
Your name is Iustitia,
but you do not quite look like her.
Instead of sword and scale
you carry cigarettes and cheap wine-
you smell of it.
Every morning I see you perched
on the same old bench, always
looking worse
than the day before.
And daily, on my way to work,
I watch you fade, ever so slowly,
fade away.
Never taking notice, you consider me
just another passerby.
And you will sit on your bench
when I come back from work.
Your once red rain coat on,
the bottle of wine will be gone.
The feeling of remorse, though
will haunt you long.
Hope has left you on shivery legs.
Your once red rain coat does not warm you,
but you will wear it until the end.
Only waiting for it
to come.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 2
leaving home
silently, I go, tip-toe
every step
a whisper
no sound shall dare disturb
you in your
no rattling and no battling
of keys resisting
toes tripping, they keep tossing
space by space
between you and me
reaching out for places far
woe by woe
I leave behind
unbent, unspent
I leave with nothing
but good memories.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 3
tidbit #5
life is simple-
mankind found its purpose
making things complicated.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 6
tidbit #4
i need a hug-
e bottle of wine
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 0
tidbit #3
I feel so splendid,
I take your money
and then I spend it
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 2
tidbit #2
don't smile -
it exposes your skeleton
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 2
Senryu #30
your face a void
I draw a smile on it
label you happy
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 4
tidbit #1
I pulled my emotional plug -
I was not aware
void could leak
out of my 
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 3
moribund, yet writing
the oldest of clichés, and timeless,
is emotion, and though moribund's the writer
that faces faces contempt has filled,
what hurt has urged your pen to write
what words of grief haved marked your craft,
what air that's not pregnant with its stain?
it matters not - lest to say:
draw inspiration from your misery;
write and write and never stop
until you're deeply satisfied.
the wheels of time will keep on milling,
forgotten will be your enemies.
they weren't meant to stay forever,
enjoyed all that rosy time.
in poems, in books, in notes, you wrote,
in everything that escaped your throat,
your memory will last eternally.
and if it doesn't, then at least
your mind can rest at peace.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 2

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Of Angels, Demons, and Love
Hush, don't make a sound.
Let the wind play its lullaby,
for the moon to shine so bright,
and light the way for them
towards the safe haven they share.
Can't you hear them?
They're closeby, listen
to the silence that greets
their arrival tonight.
But maybe, and just maybe
if you listen very carefully,
you might hear their story
being whispered among the trees.
Of a love so legendary,
it could set Heaven ablaze,
of battles so fierce, no one
thought they might cease.  
But the fates spoke, and
their hearts met in a single beat.
He was the king of Hell,
A creature of darkness and fear,
His life spent in bloodshed and battles,
never caring for a cry or a plea.
Bathing in a sea of blood and tears.
The king had no weakness to be told
She was a blazing angel of light,
So pure and tender, never knew what hate was like.
Fighting so the Lord's word could prevail,
always aiming towards the dying daylight.
Yet the wheel of time spun, and she fell astray
from the m
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Hello NatMonney, I know there's been some time between me asking you to remind me of writing a critique for this lovely piece of art an...

Hello Red, I would like to take the time and make a thoughtful critique that will cover as many aspects of your work as possible. I hop...



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Book recommendation: Lilith

Sat Jan 9, 2016, 3:58 PM

Hey guys, long time no see. :)

I'm here to talk about a book that I just finished reading yesterday, and since none of my friends or family are interested in literature, and especially not if it's not German, I decided to take it here. :P

Part of my father's heritage are his books, many of which are fantasy novels, but also lots of philosophy. Since I am a huge fan of such stories, my mood brightened a lot when my eyes fell upon old copies of George MacDonald's work. Now, I hadn't read any of his books yet, but indeed, I had heard a lot about him before. He inspired the likes of Auden, Lewis and Tolkien, and made adult fantasy a thing. 

Lilith is by all means not a book for a casual reader who is used to reading light fare. The style it was written in is dated, as it was published more than a hundred years ago. Part horror, part romance, part fantasy, part theological treatise, and part philosophical musing, Lilith has to be experienced for any true fantasy connoisseur. I won't guarantee that you'll like it, but I guarantee there are shining jewels in it that'll make you think or, at the least, make you uneasy. Just let me show you a few gems:


"Strange dim memories, which will not abide identification, often, through the misty windows of the past, look out upon me in the broad daylight, but I never dream now. It may be, notwithstanding, that, when most awake, I am only dreaming the more! But when I wake at last into that life which, as a mother her child, carries this life in its bosom, I shall know that I wake, and shall doubt no more."

"Our life is no dream, but it should and will perhaps become one."


The last quote originally belongs to Novalis, a German philosopher. It somehow can be described as the main motif of the book, although there is a lot more to it. I don't want to lose words on the plot either, as that can be done easily by opening the Wikipedia article to this book. What I wanted to express was that never before have I read a book like this, and frankly, I do not believe there's another like it. It made me think and question what I perceived to know about life, death, and spirituality, and no book has done this before - not like this. I'd rate this 4.9/5, as the plot has some shortcomings in some places. But overall, Lilith truly is a masterpiece!

Featured deviation:


ArtCrusade's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello fellow deviants,

I am not going to lose an exasperating amount of words on how I 'need poetry to breathe' or 'to feel alive', but it indeed is my biggest passion and follows me everywhere.

Make sure to check out DailyLitRecognition, a group dedicated to showcasing the best literature on deviantART, and the connected group LitRecognition. You can find a list of suggestion admins there that feature the best of dA in the group.





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