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Unbreakable bond.

Stoick is my favourite character from How To Train Your Dragon universe - strong but also wise, a true leader with a big heart. 
How To Train Your Dragon 3 contest entry.
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Stoick was a gangsta, let us not forget. RIP Stoick!
A wonderful entry, very emotional lol. 
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He feasts with other vikings in Valhalla, the most gangsta place for one :D
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I'm still mad at DreamWorks for killing him off. This piece is just gorgeous; they look so happy together. :huggle:
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I wasn't ready for his death as well, naively thought that movie was "a peaceful fairytale" and oh boy was i wrong...
Got caught completely off guard and couldn't believe it.
Thank you for the comment, LovesEternalBloom!
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Same, I was sobbing from the moment it happened until the end of the film. :cries: And the fact that I had already fallen in love with him and Val certainly didn't help. Heartbreaker Stoick and Valka are still my favourite film couple, hence why I love the second Hidden World flashback so much. :happycry:

And you're most welcome. :)
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What i love about HTTYD is that despite it's cartoony nature- people relationships are drawn realistic.
The way Valka was in hesitation when Stoick asked her to return for example. It's all
very relatable. There are always something can be taken from Dreamworks movies no matter what age are you, which is fascinating.
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I know! I feel like, in the third movie especially, they're very mindful of their fans too. For example, my friend Katie and I are both supports of the fan theory that Valka is Spitelout's younger sister (hence making Hiccup and Snotlout cousins like in the books), so even though they didn't verbally confirm it, we were thrilled to have that one small moment of Valka besting Spitelout at arm wrestling. And in the same way, they showed enough Hiccstrid moments to keep the shippers happy, but not so much that non-Hiccstrid fans like myself weren't bored to tears. They really did a great job. :)
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Wow, never actually read the books but this sounds legit.
In the third movie there was a fight on the ship where Gobber the Belch and his enemy had a little dialogue about how "they've missed this".
I am not sure if they talked about their previous battles or if they knew each other, but for me that added a lot more depth to the characters.
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Yeah, I've never read the books either. I just know that Hiccup and Snotlout are cousins, which would explain so much if it were true for the movie's too.

Personally I just took that line as meaning they missed hand-to-hand combat or something. I don't really get the sense that they'd met before, but I suppose it might be possible.
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Thank you, Chris!
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Imma cry cause this is beautiful
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thank you Jackfrost! It really means something to me.
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