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A place for both Hobbyist & Professional Artists of ALL skill levels to submit their Art Commission Information as well as pieces they have been commissioned to make. Even if you do not offer Commissions at this time, or even if you do not draw, you are still welcome to join the Group.

Tips & Tricks for Artists taking Art Commissions. ex. How to Price your work. How to use the dA Commission Widget to make points into real life earnings.
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Of Coffee and Art by colormymemory
ADVICE and TUTORIALS for Commission Artists
YCH Auction: 22 [OPEN] by PjlinaTheSilense
YCH Commision 21 by PjlinaTheSilense
YCH Commision 20 by PjlinaTheSilense
YCH Auction: 23 [OPEN] by PjlinaTheSilense
Art Commission Info - MULTIPLE PAYMENT TYPES $10+
Commissions Open by M-Elisabeth-Art
Digital Art Commissions !Hewwo ! ♥(First of all, i'm sorry if my english is not the best, i'm doing everything i can so you can understand me ! i'm french ^^)So i just opened a Paypal to take commissions ! yayI'm really happy and i hope i can work with some people ! And i'm free those days because of quarantine, and i'm far from my friends so i can't see them and exams has been canceled so i don't see the point to work on things i hate :c I just decided to be productive and make some money !So here's my prices; Headshot: 10 (~11 USD)Bust: 15 (~16,5 USD)Knees: 20 (~22 USD)Full: 25 (27,5 USD)I don't do sketches or just lined work. I don't really like to have unfinished work so everything is fully lined and colored/filtered. know that you're paying for digital commission. No prints or not physical version of itI am not exactly sure about the prices in USD (so if you want to you can check by yourself) But i know it's the average price and i don't think it's gonna be a problem, Paypal should do the transaction correctly.PAYMENT:* EURO and Paypal only.* Pay after the sketch ! * I will refound you if want to cancel the commission before i finish the sketch. After the sketch you're gonna have to pay of the work already done (Of course less than the set price)* I will refound you if i don't feel comfortable working on the project or with you.What i can't draw: * Furries (I can actually draw furries as neko girl/boy, etc.)* Mechas* Fetish thingies* NSWF (breast and torso are accepted if not used in a sexual way only)* Super mascular bodies * Really complicated designs If you doubt, don't hesitate to send me a message !Things to know: * Boys charaters will look very feminine* I like bright and saturated colors, so i might change a bit the colors to fit the art style. If you don't like it let me know ! i don't mind changing the colors for you if you don't like it, you just have to let me know it before i start coloring* I will send you every steps (Sketch, lineart, colors, shadows and filters) and wait for you to tell me if i can continue or if i need to change things* Filters are optional and you won't pay extras for them !* Please don't be rude to me, it's my first time opening commissions, i'm 16 and quite stressed. But i will do my best, i promise ! c:* Please if you can provide reference image of your character it would be amazing ! (Flat colors and no filters would be even better)* Drawing takes a lot of time and often more than 10 hours depending on the drawing but shouldn't take more than 3 weeks, feel free to ask for updates!!DO NOT claim you drew my artDO NOT remove watermarkDO NOT use without credit !!You can send me a note or add me on Discord; Peaa#1329(i'm more active on Discord and it's easier, so i recommend it)Ask if you have any questions ^^ ♥Thank you so much !
Commission Information by AzureStar15
Art Commission Info - MONEY over $10
[OPEN] $27 bokeh icons by glizzrybear
eliza for adoption  by PuddleBuddy
Unknown/ For adoption by PuddleBuddy
Art Commission Info - CRAFTS
YCH OPEN by izinkomef
skateboard YCH OPEN (0/3) by izinkomef
YCH OPEN by izinkomef
/CLOSE/ Stylish hiss by MitsuneTheKitsune
BEGINNING ARTISTS - Commmissioned Art
Zaceyshark1200 by Lizbeat
Miau! by Lionsh
Black pawn  ADOPT LAO-LI 2020#12 (OPEN) by LAO-LI
Finita by NN-way
Commissioned Art - Animals
[Commission] Detailed Fullbody by Shirayro
Realistic Rabbit Drawing (Prints in description) by AlmightyBhunivelze
Children's book illustration (2) by Lemanntim
Yoona 3/4 by aniartsy
Commissioned Art - BUST
[CM]  Miya by DailyPopsi
Commissioned Art - CHIBI
Chibi Batch 1 by 0NC1LL4
Commissioned Art - CREATURES
Commission for Fraggingforflapjacks by TITO-EREZ
Commissioned Art - Furry and Anthro
[C] Is that what you call fingerpointing? by birb-o-fluff
Commissioned Art - Pony MLP
[OPEN] YCH auction by reygamaru
Commissioned Art - Sketch
Back Home from a Sad Circus... by agevla77
Commissioned Art - DIGITAL general
[C] Under the cherry blossoms~ by birb-o-fluff
Commissioned Art - TRADITIONAL general
Loki by Natasha-Kinaru
Commissioned Art - BANNERS etc.
Arts AND Crafts - FOR SALE by CastNY
[Auction] adoptable 11 [OPEN] by KORZH26
Commissioned CRAFTS
Knife403 by Ysssk
Examples of your Art
Chenle by antaiia
YCH Commissions and info
Dark Wood YHH OPEN by AlexandraDane
Art Features - Journals
sailor moon fan art by PuddleBuddy
Edit 2020: Hey, Admin here. I thought this group had been successfully closed after we sent in requests for Group closing over a year and a half ago, since it was down to only a few admin & most of us didn't have enough time to scan every incoming deviation any longer or we were no longer active 24/7 in dA. Since it's obviously not been closed, the settings have been updated so that it will accept your deviations automatically for the amount allowed per day. Apologies for any who felt their pending submissions or expired submissions were left hanging intentionally or that we disliked their submission. We honestly thought it processed the Close Group request over a year ago. If you see anything submitted that should not be allowed and breaks DeviantArt's rules, please report the deviations directly so they can be removed from the site as a whole.

Thanks & hope updating submissions helps you all reach more people who are looking for Artists to commission.

Questions for thought! (reply via comments to whichever questions if you'd like!)

Do you find that you draw more or less during summer / vacation time?

What mediums do you like to create with?

Do you have a favorite style to draw in?

What made you want to start taking on Art Commissions?

What is your favorite type of Art Commission to accept?

What have you learned from taking Art Commissions?

Has taking on Art Commissions changed you as an Artist?

Do you prefer to listen to music while creating, or silence for focus?

Have you been part of an Artist Alley at conventions before? Or wanted to?

How long have you been drawing / crafting / etc?

Do you prefer to scan or photograph your sketchbook drawings?

What is your goal as an Artist?
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QuietFoxcore Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Updated Commission Sheet by QuietFoxcore  
margaretel Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Commissions are open! ^^
Commissions by margaretel   
Midomine Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I am open for commissions! PRICE STARTS AT 5$

Check out my memo!…


Jeanne D arc alter by Midomine   Hinoka in Maid Outfit by Midomine   Megumin by Midomine    Perfect Couple! by Midomine   Uraraka! by Midomine
Niccorin Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hii! I am opening commissions that are ranging from 600 points for chibi, 800 for bust, and 1300 for halfbody, slots are 2/6 so grab them quick! ^_^
tranquility by Niccorin CHEAP COMMISSIONS OPEN!! :3Hello hello! It's Nicolicca and I'm opening cheap commissions that are ranging from 600 (Chibi) to 1300 (Half-Body) points!!Also the slots will be limited to 6 slots! So grab it quick! :>The payment will be using points because I cannot have a paypal D:What I can draw :- Girls! (My speciality!)- Boys (Boys are limited till bust only!)- Couple (I cannot do Boy x Boy right now, only Girl x Boy or Girl x Girl for now!)What I don't draw:- NSFW D:- Mecha- Gore, uneasy stuff, fetishes- Yaoi - Furries (Kemonomimi is alright!)Samples :Chibis : 600 DAPoints!Bust-Up : 800 DAPoints!Nico-shading :Sketch shading :Halfbody : 1300 DAPoints!TERMS OF SERVICEPlease pay with points only, because I cannot have PayPal atm!!Please note me to place an order! After you placed an order, I will sketch it, and do pay after I sketch your order! Yes, there are revisions! Max. revision is 2 times!I have the right to reject an order if you ask me to do what I'm not capable of. :< (Please see the do and don'ts!)RULES:I will work on commissions by the order! (For example : Arthuria and Brynhildr commissioned me! But Arthuria is the first one to place an order and pay, so I will make hers first! )Also, no need to pay first if I haven't done your order! I WILL MESSAGE YOU IF I'M STARTING YOUR ORDER!! ;>I own the artwork that I made, and I have the rights to put it somewhere else. (Pixiv, FB, Twitter.)You may not resell, or do money-making stuff from my artworks!! >:(When the order is done, I will email you the HQ version, non-watermarked, and the .psd file of the commission!No refunds! All arts will be done with simple background, because I'm not capable of doing backgrounds, but if you do want, there is an extra fee, and let's discuss about it! Detailed characters will also get an extra fee. Sketch-style is only available for Bust-up!Order Form! (You can note me or comment below!)Character name :Reference : (Link!!)Chibi/Bust-up/Halfbody : (If you choose bust-up, please choose the style between sketch or Nico-shading!)Character Personality :E-Mail : HAHAHAH I CANNOT TAG :''((( Waiting List :Chibi Orders: (0/3)NabakiSan (Just placed an order!) Bust-up Orders: (0/3)Halfbody Orders: (0/2) Blue Summer Palladion by Niccorin
IFEARR Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

ThunderDragon13 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Pay Pal commissions are open! Head+10$, half=15$, full=20$
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