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Unique desert feeling
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good detail on the rocks and that detail on the lone traveler is razor-sharp and i'm into it.
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I thought that was a photograph for a second! :wow:
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I wish I lived there
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I want to explore!
Anybody else in awe of artcobain's skills? Oms dude, my brain is melting. You have a gift!
Feeriee13's avatar are so gifted. It looks AMAZING. Awesome job! :clap:
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reminded me of erosion columns in Cappadocia.. Beautiful...
oH lawd I can't! It's so much amazingness!
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Amazing and awesome detail.
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with what do you make this art please responds! =D
oh god... I had goosebumps on the skin... Thank you for your art!
and sorry for my english)
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no, no this is not possible you are too good
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Great, great work my friend!
You have some amazing skills!

See ya!
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really like the columns
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It´s so damn great and creative and everything! It´s like a whole new world you created. I i sew the picture i wanna know what´s the story behind these City and the figure standing in fron of it.
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just shared this one my facebook, really enjoying your gallery, i thought i was a bit bored with fantasy but your imagination is just the right one to bring me back there! thank you :)
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This is great! The detail and lighting are just amazing! And the scale of the
picture has me in awe. Very nice piece!!!
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how is this not like, front page first image material. this is amazing.

i'm stunned.
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