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July 15, 2011
great sword by ~artcobain is a beautiful character design with an interesting pose and perspective and really gorgeous drawing style.
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great sword

great sword
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SomaGestalt's avatar
So in the Dark Souls series they have: Swords, great swords, and then ultra great swords. This is like twelve steps above all those.
Rexam-Etherstrider's avatar
hey, i saw this from skallagrim's video.
gabrielwillames's avatar
paper sword? just kidding..epic art/
Idonataur's avatar
There is no way in the nine realms that anybody could use that without changing the basics of physics.
Seriously though that thing needs a lot of force to cut through something horizontally. It is still hella cool though.
Idonataur's avatar
That's highly debatable, but hey, coolness is subjective. Who am I to say what is and isn't cool? The best I can do is say whether something is hypothetically useful or not.
EndlessPoetry's avatar
How can she wield such a thing?
AdemKoc's avatar
theres no man in the entire world even if he was weighing 200 kilos raw muscles and on steroids that could lift let alone wield that sword
EndlessPoetry's avatar
My point exactly...
Vetrox-Tera's avatar
That's more like a short lance than a sword
I love the design of both the sword and the woman!  Beautifully done.  I would love to model the sword out using Maya and Zbrush.  Very good job
Zetawolf97's avatar
Is that a sword? Or a shield on a stick?
KS-Reborn's avatar
What's the statistics for that weapon?
elpiji's avatar
omg so cool Nuu Nuu 
Storm-Cwalker's avatar
Guys, I think her robotic arm is allowing her to hold the weight of the sword. That or it's made of styrofoam
Vetrox-Tera's avatar
That's not a robotic arm it's like armor. If you look closely.
LordZeebee's avatar
Even with the robotic arm holding it like that would still topple her. So it's either made of styrofoam or she has been stapled to the ground with 10m long, 20cm thick nails
Storm-Cwalker's avatar
or her boots are robotic aswell, with some fancy gadgetry that glues her to the ground XD
TraceofHatred's avatar
its awesome looking, but the trouble here is when drawing bigass things like that, you gotta make the pose seem believable, like a sword that big should at least rest on the ground or something xD
It's paper mâché.
Yeller7's avatar
Omg that is a beast sword!
KezzaDesign's avatar
That looks like a 1 up contest .. "you call that a sword??? THIS is a sword!!"
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