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DOTA2 skin

"I give my permission to use it for developers sven "Rhinocer Order" set in DOTA2 game and join to their workshop team…
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Doorways hate him with that horn
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pretty cool armor design I must admit.
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awesome armor
this is probably the best armour that ive seen on here, the shininess and the layered-plate look make it look bulky and thick, as well as his 6 foot sword of whatever make for a terrifying visage.
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I have a question do you watch Gurren Lagann?
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Now that is what you call beefy.
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looks a bit like the allone commanders of dark souls 2
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that's an interesting codpiece
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very nice design there.
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I love this badass concept, (by the way, is this refeatured??)
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You should definitely contact the artist and Valve about that.  I'm a workshop artist myself, and it's important for us that the art posted is original.  If anything, maybe just ask for a 30% cut of the profits from the sales.  It is worth your time to pursue this.

Here's a handy dandy comparison for ya :)
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Is it acceptable that your knight design seems to have been used by someone for an armour model in the workshop for DotA 2 (in which the one who submitted it would get money out of it if it's accepted)? :/…
Incredibly awesome piece btw, that is one fine helmet :thumbsup::)
Black Iron Tarkus MKII
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He's better at this page than you.
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Really cool!!! :) 
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This is AWESOME!!!

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