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Creativity Takes Courage by TokyoMoonlight
Happy Little Accidents by TokyoMoonlight
Art Is Not What You See by TokyoMoonlight
The Dust Of Everyday Life by TokyoMoonlight
PUPA Challenge 12
Pupa Challenge 12 reflection by Pixlhaufen
PUPA Challenge 12 by Ghost999919
Foggy Lake by TokyoMoonlight
Wich reflection? by Gedwen
PUPA Challenge 11
Alien Earth - Pupa Challenge 11 by Gedwen
Pupa Challenge 11 by Pixlhaufen
PUPA Challenge 11 by Ghost999919
Way Over Yonder by Uproariousorake
PUPA Challenge 10
PUPA Challenge October 2021 by Amaryn-Philomena
Summer Dream - Pupa Challange 10 by Gedwen
Piran by TokyoMoonlight
PUPA Challenge 10 by Ghost999919
PUPA Challenge 9
Black Earth by TokyoMoonlight
FogGif for PUPA by Pixlhaufen
Reset by Uproariousorake
PUPA Challenge 9 by Ghost999919
PUPA Challenge 8
Tree Study by AnastasiaMorning
PUPA Challenge 8 Enlighhtened by Lotus105
PUPA August 2021 by Amaryn-Philomena
Firefairys by Pixlhaufen
PUPA Challenge 7
The Power Of Purple by TokyoMoonlight
Swirly Butterfly for pupa by Pixlhaufen
Butterfly, watercolor painting by Sekemolados
Admiral by love--or--death
PUPA Challenge 6
Lake sunset, watercolor painting by Sekemolados
Twilight Pond by TokyoMoonlight
Mindscape for Pupa by Pixlhaufen
Autumn Waters - PUPA Challenge 6 by BrightsWanderings
PUPA Challenge 5
PUPA May 2021 by Amaryn-Philomena
Two finches, oil painting by Sekemolados
PUPA Challenge 5 Sweethearts by Lotus105
Double Barred Finches - PUPA Challenge 5 by BrightsWanderings
PUPA Challenge 4
Hidden Magic by AnastasiaMorning
Something in the water by Gedwen
Everything Green by TokyoMoonlight
PUPA Challenge 4 Tranquil Retreat by Lotus105
PUPA Challenge 3
Black Woman Portrait by Sekemolados
PUPA Challenge 2
PUPA challenge 2 by BardiaKiani
PUPA Challenge 1
Norway Study by AnastasiaMorning
Pupa Challenge 7, 2021 by Nadezhda29
Reference photos for you
Photo 093 by TokyoMoonlight
Artworks created with PUPA reference photos
Norway by Ghost999919
Available Reference Photos for PUPA Challenge
Pinafore Sillies III by LualaDy
Already used as reference in the PUPA Challenge
Photo 083 by TokyoMoonlight

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The Italian Path, Mols Bjerge.. by Henelb The Italian Path, Mols Bjerge.. :iconhenelb:Henelb 66 2 Translucent Iris by Esperoart Translucent Iris :iconesperoart:Esperoart 204 33 The sun rises by Gudzart The sun rises :icongudzart:Gudzart 222 28 Commission: Skid the Leopard Gecko by annsquare Commission: Skid the Leopard Gecko :iconannsquare:annsquare 573 54 Golden at the Core by Virtuella Golden at the Core :iconvirtuella:Virtuella 207 36 Shepherd's hut by Gudzart Shepherd's hut :icongudzart:Gudzart 181 6 Watercolor 991030 by BardiaKiani Watercolor 991030 :iconbardiakiani:BardiaKiani 241 25 Girl and peach by koloushka Girl and peach :iconkoloushka:koloushka 12 2 Winter Treat by DStever Winter Treat :icondstever:DStever 218 13 -Zeiss-1000- by RiEile -Zeiss-1000- :iconrieile:RiEile 124 20 Birds on Ice by Virtuella Birds on Ice :iconvirtuella:Virtuella 193 11 Pixel by stokrotas Pixel :iconstokrotas:stokrotas 155 36 20210116 Young forest by art-bat 20210116 Young forest :iconart-bat:art-bat 123 4 Goshawk painting by EsthervanHulsen Goshawk painting :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 362 25 Burning like a Fire by Til-Til Burning like a Fire :icontil-til:Til-Til 190 21 Oil painting - Piggy/piglet by YueZeng-MN Oil painting - Piggy/piglet :iconyuezeng-mn:YueZeng-MN 29 13

Hello dear @ArtChrysalis members!

Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2]
Since you were all so creative and dedicated to creating art, it's time to recognize your great effort.
Just a little reminder, the PUPA Challenge is not a contest, it's not a competition, or who's better or who's on top. The challenge is for everyone to improve their art skill and get better as an artist. But mostly to have fun! ;)

The PUPA Challenge is your own art story and journey of your creative soul.

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The PUPA Challenge is posted each month in a year, so in total there are 12 PUPA Challenges per year.
Depending on how many PUPA artworks each artist created in the specific year, the artist gets the appropriate butterfly badge.
General Artistic
General Creative
General Inspired
Badge Thank you G
The artwork can be made during the official period of the individual PUPA Challenge or made after, as part of the Late PUPA. But it has to be made in the current year. This is mostly fair to the members who join the group in a later time.
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PUPA Butterfly Badge 2021

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Badge Artistic 2021 transparent

The artists who completed all 12 PUPA Challenges - 100%

Banner Artistic
Badge Creative 2021 transparent

The artists who completed at least 9 PUPA Challenges - 75%

Banner Creative
Badge Inspired 2021 transparent

The artists who completed at least 6 PUPA Challenges - 50%

Banner Inspired
Badge Thank you 2021 transperent

The artists who took part in at least 1 PUPA Challenge

Banner Thank you
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We would also like to thank

for allowing us to use their photographs as references for our PUPA 2021 artworks.
Thank you for the support! :heart:
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Thank you all for taking part in the PUPA Challenges!Heart bum

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The group is dedicated to various artists, from beginner to master level, who need to find again the joy of making art, spark their creativity, be motivated and inspired.

Either you don’t have enough time to create art, got an artist’s block or it’s been a long time since you made art, join us on our art journey.

Together we will create, improve and grow as artists! :heart:

What does Chrysalis mean?
Chrysalis is the pupal stage of butterflies. The term is derived from the metallic–gold coloration found in the pupae of many butterflies, referred to by the Greek term chrysós for gold.

Please take your time and read our complete
ArtChrysalis Group's rules

Who can join our group?
We accept everyone, if you are an artists, art lover or just want to support the group and their members, you are welcome to join.

If you don't want to join, please consider clicking the WATCH button.

The main focus of the group are PUPA challenges, where you as a member will each month choose a photo, based on which we will create our next artwork.

Submission rules for the PUPA Challenge:
:bulletyellow: We accept both traditional and digital artworks that had been hand painted or hand drawn.
:bulletyellow: The submitted artwork has to be tagged with #pupachallenge
:bulletyellow: In the description box of the submitted artwork add the link / thumb to the reference (stock) photo used for creating your artwork. Remember to credit the author of the photography!
:bulletyellow: The created artwork needs to be uploaded on DeviantArt on the last day of the challenge month or later.

What does PUPA mean?
PUPA is the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation between immature and mature stages. Four life stages are: egg, larva, pupa, and imago.

PUPA Challenge 13 - January 2022

12.02.2021 by Cothoga


:bulletyellow:All the photos found in the group’s gallery "Available Reference Photos for PUPA Challenge" and "Already used as reference in the PUPA Challenge" can be used to create your own artwork. Remember to credit the author of the photography!


:bulletyellow: Stock photography found in the Favorites are not part of the official PUPA Challenge. They are for practice only and for your own art creations. Please see the individual stock rules about using them. Read the description box of each of those stock photographs.
:bulletyellow: Every member can suggest 3 stock photos per one favorites folder a day.
:bulletyellow: The favorites Featured folder is meant to be a source of inspiration and used as a visual board. The featured artworks aren't stock and shouldn't be used as such!

PUPA Challenge 12 - December 2021

Photo 083 by TokyoMoonlight


Mirrored by Lotus105

Reflections by LoonaLucy

PUPA December 2021 by Amaryn-Philomena

Reflection time by KorsonOraakkeli

Serenity's Gate by IvieMoon

PUPA Challenge 12 - December 2021 by ceystel

Renewal by BrightsWanderings

Chiasm - PUPA Challenge 12 by BrightsWanderings

Landscape pupa challenge 12 by Nadezhda29

Escape- by Uproariousorake

Foggy Lake by TokyoMoonlight

PUPA Challenge 12 by Ghost999919

Pupa Challenge 12 reflection by Pixlhaufen







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Sekemolados Featured By Owner May 10, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello everybody! An open invitation with some 'treats' Popcorn  :

Earn quartzes!!!Read this journal for instructionsHi there!! I was listening to a song whose lyrics are in Portuguese languege, by a Brazilian 70's group Secos & Molhados. At some moment I decided to check the song's Lyrics English translation, since I don't speak Portuguese, and show that they are trying to talk about Love as a blue, light as feather, airy and gentle thing. At the same time the song says that there is no way for such a thing to exist!,The song is 'Amor' : My mind instantly went to a painting I made recently :,I think they make a perfect match, lyrics and picture, because autumn leaves can be an awsome view to see but also hide a disapointment. Blue element is also present in my picture as it is in the song. The challenge to earn badges:Can you match an artwork of yours with the lyrics of a song? Go ahead and take a look at your own gallery. As you scroll around your art creations try to think of a song or listen to your favourite music. When the matching appears in your thoughts, come to this joural and make a comment including a link to your artwork and a link to the lyrics of the song and the song itself if you like. You can also do the oposite: Choose a song and make an artwork (painting, sculpting, photography, anything) that visualy represents the meanning and descriptions from this song's lyrics. It doesnt matter if it is an old or new submition as long as it is your own creation from your gallery, NOTfrom your Favourites collection.I have made a first comment as an example. Do the same whenever you have a submition that fits the above descriptions. It doesn't have to be a 1-1 match . As long you can explain what triggered the pairing of the specific song's lyrics with your artwork, it will be accepted. A matching by the song's title will also be accepted, witch means you can also use instrumental music. But there has to be some words that come from the music piece anyway.The prizes : : 1st(by time of correct comment placement) valid comment: 100 points + 1 emerald 2nd(by time of correct comment placement) valid comment: 100points + 1quartz next 200 valid comments: 1 quartzI have about 300 fragments in my account and some points all earned by various challenges. If 200 comments appear at this journals and the fragments bucket empties, I'll let you know to stop expecting an award!! ...Until that time comes, you can participate with as many submitions as you want by commenting at this journal of course. Participate any time you want, don't push it, the challenge will stay open until it closes, there is no time line.Invalid comments will be rejected and prompted to follow the rules if possible. Indecent comments will be deleted and discarded.I'm checking my account very oftenly these days, and I won't miss out your comment, sooner or later. A-ba-da-bi-ba-da-bi-ba-da-be, Let the games begin falks! I hope to see you participate!!...

 I hope you all participate any time you like! Woohooooo! Hi!  Here's a kiss for you, my love! 
Happy5art Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting me in your new group. I could really do with a good art challange, the first photo is something that I wouldn't do usually, so it will be interesting to do.
The favourites gallery should be really good as well, I love seeing great photos that inspire people and can be used to turn into great art.
I can't wait to see what creative things you all do :happybounce:
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2021   Traditional Artist
You're welcome. :blowkiss: 
About the favorites folder...I have sent you a note regarding this. :blush: Please check.
Virtuella Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the invitation to the group. Looks like the first photo challenge is right up my street! :)
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021   Traditional Artist
Thank you for joining :happybounce: !
A lovely photo that was chosen. :nod: 

I personaly would try 1000 art media. XD
I probably should do watercolor, but it so screams for acrylics. And since I'm learning digital art, I would like to try this also. :B 

So many options. :nuu: 

Can't wait to see all the artworks. :la: 
Flammenfeder Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
A general question from a complete beginner: Would it be a good idea to just start with trying out PUPA challenges or should I focus on learning other things first, if I'd like to get into digital art a bit (just as a minor hobby)?
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2020   Traditional Artist
Hello =D 

You can do a drawing or a painting with what ever art media you are comfortable with. =D

You just try to create an artwork to the best of your abilities.

There are three ways to learn the art proces. Either by reading art theory, watching, reading art tutorials...focusing on the theory.
Then you can learn the theory and also try certain exercises by implementing what you learned in theory (practice). Or you skip the theory and tutorials and just do art and learn that way. Learning by practice.
Which is right?...:shrug: the middle is always good. But to each its own.

So regarding the  PUPA Challenge and learning. This challenge is also therfor to learn new things, to improve your art process. So if you know basic digital art (layers, brushes, color picking), you can use this challenge to try to create an artwork based on the photo that will be chosen. That way you will learn where you get stuck, where you struggle and what you need to learn more. You will do a sketch then you will have to start to paint it. So you will have to figure out which brushes to use, which parts to paint first. That way you will also learn your painting program a little bit better, because you will have an actual challenge. How do I paint the water, how do I do a tree foliage etc. You will have an actual "problem" that you will have to solve.

If you aren't comfortable yet, you can do the challenge in private and don't have to post the end result on DA, or in the group. As long as you try at home, the challenge did work. It's for you personally that YOU do the one has to see it, if you think you aren't happy with it.

It's completely up to you. ;) 

I hope this answered your question. :blush: 

ArtChrysalis administration
BardiaKiani Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2020  Professional
Thank you so much for the invitation! :bow: :love: 
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2020   Traditional Artist
You're welcome. :happybounce: 
Thank you for joining! :blowkiss: 
AnastasiaMorning Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2020
Thank you so much for the invitation! Galaxy Heart Bullet  Somehow I failed to submit anything to the previous group but I'll do better this time! 
And happy new year!
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