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If you fly up the stairs you might be able to make it. But be swift.
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mavericstud9's avatar
Your painting and drawing are not so far to the kinds of things I write in my stories
Pegeele's avatar
Wow! Fantastic!
weaveandrust's avatar
For folks who like your work, you bring them right to the scene at hand. City at night & the travellers going about their lives all so thoughtful. Beautiful panorama, beautiful distance. Thank you
M00TAH's avatar
Amazing, just like the rest of your art! @_@
nnq2603's avatar
You atsolutely handle colour!
engarde's avatar
i REALLY love your work. i only regret finding you this late in your career.

also, is it weird that the cityscape below reminds me of van gogh's starry nights?
Blasterkid's avatar
wow just wow....great work on all these piece.

AKuwaNeKo's avatar
Wow. I'm staring at the windows and expecting someone to walk up to one in silhouette's amazing.

And your comment alone is inspiring. It's so faerie tale-science fiction. :)
hannelin's avatar
that is rrrreally cool looking! I love how you play with light, and make it look so natural!
angiechow's avatar
Whoaa~ breathtaking, great atmosphere xD
shadahall's avatar
Great concept!

I really love this 1 :) great to see ya staying true to your own style :) great work friend^^
FoxMaq's avatar
Simply great!
tiong1's avatar
WHY do you keep improving like this? D oyou want to die? HUH? HUH?

good work...
MattCarter's avatar
OMG, I really love this! The colours are so lavish but minimal, I get so much more out of this and I forget it is sketch.... Painter/Photoshop?

I really want to start drawing like this (you will need to give me lessons! lol =D), I supose I better start by actually gettong a tablet (I'm saving for a wacom).

Seriously, you have really inspired me today! Amazingly stunning work, a MUST :+fav:
Branchewski's avatar
wow, the top left corner looks awesome!! keep that skill up, mate :D
Fall-Out-Grrl's avatar
Beautiful... love the lighting - it's absolutely amazing! :+fav:
kle0012's avatar
Beautiful picture! I love the simplicity of it that makes it so complicated, if that makes sense?
Zweetchuck's avatar
i love what you wrote to it, kinda makes the mood perfect.
love how rough ou made it too, very industrial
TheABones's avatar
really great color. perhaps a few too many highlights on the stairs?
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