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Trash - stereo

A new "cross-eye" stereoscopic painting made after a recent trip to Vietnam.

Viewing instructions: [link]

By the way, thank you for the premium membership mr. or ms. anonymous!

For more work, visit my website: [link]

...and my blog: [link]


Exhibit of Stereoscopic Paintings

If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon, USA area,
I have an exhibit of stereoscopic paintings at the 3D Center
running through July and August.

Here's a link to their website: [link]
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are you sure this eye crossing is good for your health? my eyes hurt..
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wow....i just went on a trip xDD that's so cool
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DUDE! HO-WHA-----..........*clears throat* how do you do that? i mean that both for how amazing this painting is, and how do you make it 3D??? i am so glad i learned how to cross my eyes in 5th grade.
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you never cease to amaze me!! :D
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeew guuy, mine eyes! You sir deserve way more recognition, i mean the paintings alone are amazing, the fact you can take them to a whole different level like this is just.. ahh man, i cant thank you enough..
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Beautiful Colours!
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really amazing, love this one. Especially digging the transparency of that blue cloth on the top.
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man I love your stereotyp paintings... love it !
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T__T I can't do the cross eyed thing!
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You're too awesome. Why aren't you on Polycount?
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my mouth fall down every time i see your work!your composition and color sense are one of the best i have ever see, and also love your ligth effect!just a little technical question of a million that i want you, for meke the ligth you work on a different layer or is paste with the other?
sorry for my bad english i am italian:P
bye and thanks

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Theo, this is amazing. I've viewed all of your stereoscopic paintings and it has even inspired me to try my own. My first attempt was somewhat a success, but the only reason why, I think, is because I take stereographs. Which are the same thing, just with photography. Anyways, enough about me. :B

I love these!

Keep it up.
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really excellent
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Love it as usual C:
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once again amazing! personally I think your stereo images work even better than 3D film since you devide everything more into flat planes rather than giving a linear depth view (if that makes any sense)
I'm curious? Do you make all the layers seperatly first and then slide them over to get the 3D you want or do you do it while working? Also curious to know if you have any glass etc. or are frying your brains with going cross-eye for a couple of hours ^_^
Either way nice work, love the style!
these stereoscopic paintings are beyond amazing!!
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