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November 23, 2010
Street Scene - stereo by ~artbytheo Suggester says: "~artbytheo already has 3 DDs, but to my great surprise, none of them are one of his phenomenal stereo pairs. "Street Scene - stereo" really blew me away when I first saw it as a stand alone picture. The details he put into it, especially the lighting, really drew me in. After reading the comments though, and finally figuring out why there were two pictures there, it made this piece even more fantastical. I would definitely share this piece with 10,000,000 deviants :)"
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Street Scene - stereo

I detailed an older piece and converted it to a stereo pair.

Cross your eyes to see in 3D.

For more viewing instructions, see: [link]


Check out my website: [link]

and blog: [link]


Exhibit of Stereoscopic Paintings

If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon, USA area,
I have an exhibit of stereoscopic paintings at the 3D Center
running through July and August.

Here's a link to their website: [link]
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Ebentraut's avatar

baffling stereoscopic effect! As a small suggestion: adjustment of the stereo window on the sides of the picture might improve the effect even further (for instance, by deleting the small areas left and right that can only be seen by one eye).

happyt3hman's avatar
This image draws you in well before viewing it in 3D. I love this.
TheDeviantSpY's avatar
Oh my god..thats absolutely breathtaking..crossing my eyes, i have the feeling its an even sharper image, but thats probably "just" the 3D-effect.
Does this work with every picture that is doubled, more specifically are the two pics identical and really just doubled? (I know you probably have to have a good sense of depth in your drawing anyway)
hey I'd love to chat with you sometime. I have a technique I've been using in photoshop, but your images are superb. How do you get them so clean? I'm assuming these are from paintings? or original 2D images?
Wow. I could stare at it for hours.
PompatusOfLove's avatar
Your images are the best 3-D images I have ever seen. I am amazed that you created these images, especially in such great 3D! Thanks for letting us experience them.
dark-melodies's avatar
I've discovered this effect some days ago. At the begining i had troubles to focus, but now i'm able to do it.
Your picture is by far the most amazing i saw till now. It seems that the persons would start to move at any moment.
DB-Kai's avatar
This is amazing! Everything has such depth- even the puddle! The slight change between the two makes the red light appear to be illuminated...twinkling I suppose~
ducomors's avatar
so i just found this... at first i couldn't get the image to focus. once i started to get my eyes to focus i felt like i was watching my camera try to auto-focus.

Great images. this one is my favorite.
Out-of-the-rain's avatar
My eyes and brain are just saying no and it makes me sad to miss out
bdec's avatar
Can I ask you how you did the stereoscopy? Is it a camera projection?
Shirtupboy's avatar
fantastic! how long does it take?!
chocolateless's avatar
analepsis's avatar
Brilliant! Amazing work as always
xben's avatar
mythical-darkener's avatar
Even the PUDDLES. That's brilliant!
greenfoliage's avatar
I have to zoom it out a bit to be able to see it xD Cool!
CanelaRose's avatar
When I was finally able to figure out how to do this (CROSSING YOUR EYES....HUGE note xD)
Exact words "Holy shippo crap! That's amazing!"
KemikLy's avatar
It kinda works but mostly it just hurts my eyes. @.@
Not the painting! The painting is wonderful. ^_^'
martialartist11's avatar
BALLS. This is fantastic.
Great job.
Salanta's avatar
This is really awesome! :)
I love the picture in itself and I'm amazed by your work on turning it into 3D too!
HNAutumn's avatar
Haha, I figured out how to do it by focusing on the bridge of my glasses. It's just like a 3DS! Pretty awesome.
Cesia's avatar
Wow, that is. Seriously amazing.
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