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Side Street - stereo

By artbytheo
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Another "cross-eye" stereoscopic painting.

For complete viewing instructions: [link]
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wow!!! I am watching it without glasses. Its amazing.
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WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH...... I logged in just to comment on this..
in 2d this is flat, dull picture... and when u watch it in 3D whooooo the depth is INSANE!!!!!!!
you are amazing..anyone who is not watching it in 3d is not watching it at all.period.
How did you do it? I know of softwares that help create 3D using MASKS and Z depth but still after such insane design work in 2d you are also thinking in 3D to get it right and placing the masks on every pixel area is mind boggling.
My hat is off to you sir.
shadewalker-94's avatar
How do you do it? I'm downloading all of your gallery right now, you've won yourself a big fan! :)
How wonderful and deep. Truly excellent work
MDGallery's avatar
Im still practicing but I see lot of depth in it
MDGallery's avatar
oh my goodness now I see it that is grazy coool, wooooooow!!!!!!
doubleWOE7's avatar
I love what an absolutely boring painting this in in 2D and how amazing it becomes in 3D.
fanfouille's avatar
I didn't manage to see it crossing my eyes, but anyway great job
Woah. The picture actually seems to get MORE detail when I cross my eyes!
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HOOOOOOOOHOHOHOH THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doodletigress's avatar
*is amazed by beautiful art and awesome 3D effect* *gazes for ages* *gets headache* [link]
djuvre's avatar

Simply amazing. I've never seen something like that before... well, except in 3D movies but that's different. :T
reap-roach's avatar
i could watch at your pictures for hours but the resulting headache kind of makes it impossible :nirvana:
Awesooooome!!! :eyepopping:
jo jo jo
Is sooooooo adictive :pills:
I suffered initially :crash: but then ...
lingy-0's avatar
theo you are awesome
Sojubyeong's avatar
I still can't see the 3D images... :cries:
Sebbythefreak's avatar
Oooooh I love this one!
botchiball's avatar
Very cool : ), I'm glad I read the instructions - my eyes were trying to cross the opposite direction. How did you make these - through 3-d assets or just trial and error?
Pronowwn's avatar
:( For some reason I was able to see the example in the instructions, but not this...
Osiris2000's avatar
Thatks! It is always intresting to see stereo images!
nmeoo's avatar
The smoke came out great! It really looks 3Dimensional
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