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Kite City 4 - Guild Wars 2

concept art for Guild Wars 2
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This is amazing work!!!! Bill

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Beautiful scene... Contrasting color give edges
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Beautiful style. I wonder what software you use (if this is digital).
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Monet died in his grave again. there have been an awakening in the force, can you all feel it? such simplicity in such complexity. your art is meditation. an illegal drug. mad ramblings....please do a stereo of the new ones. better. do stereo of all of your work and make an app and i will buy it.
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This series is just fabulous.
thraxllisylia's avatar
that is one of my favourite pieves I have seen in a long time!,
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lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your style !
 how many brushes you usually use can you concept?
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Loving this game and it's great to see this signature art style here! :D
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Wondrous works you make!
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Man I am following a study to become a concept artist eventually, and GW2 concept is my example my inspiration and my goal! AMAZING!.
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Despite the fact that I don't understand the Impressionists, I always like your work.
Probably modern non digital impressionist draw distant to me and their work don't touch my heart. Your work is near and dear to me, though are made in a similar technique with them.
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very impressive ! :heart:
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Absolutely incredible. The colors and textures are almost tactile. I love seeing your work, because it really makes me feel very inspired to reach further and think of my software in different ways. Great job!
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I just pretty much had my own personal version of "Double Rainbow Across The Sky"
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Really liking the colors... there's so much detail ;v;
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Being a concept art... Gives much information about the landscape in construction...
Can imagine a lot of things with this litttle variety of painting colors...
Sure that the end result will be perfect.
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Amazing and beautiful :heart:
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Such an inspiration, man.
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