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5.25"x11.75" (size of the scrap of mat board)
Derwent Metallic, Derwent Inktense, Derwent Coloursoft and Faber-Castell Pencils
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Just purchased this from the Art Gallery in Paducah. AMAZING!
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:wave: So you're the one! Fantastic! I'm glad you looked me up. I hope you enjoy her, and if you ever find yourself with a yen for some more fantasy you know where to find me. :D Deviant art is a great place to enjoy all kinds of art, too. Check out the Daily Deviations every day, at the bottom of the comment page. Sometimes you'll find several pictures you like and some days you won't see a thing. I'm member of a couple groups that you might enjoy watching. They're on the bottom of my home page.
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I love the colours on this one!
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thanks, and thanks for the faves :)
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this is wonderful!! so impressive :heart:
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She's beautiful! Are the Inktense as awesome as they sound? I was thinking of maybe getting some...
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thanks, this is the first thing I've done with them...and I just used them as accent here....will let you know as I do more...but so far I like good thing, and a bad thing....once you put them down in water, they ain't coming up again, sooooooooo you don't have to worry about accidentally removing them with the application of something else, or of them shifting, can't remove them if needed.......the shift from dry inktense to watered inktense is noticeable and vivid
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Will have to see if I can get them here, or maybe Ebay. Have you used them enough to know if they erase well before the addition of water or are they more like inks the whole way through?
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I think they'll erase fine before water, but need to try them out some more. Will try to do that in next few days and let you know. :D
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I found a lovely set on Ebay in a fancy wooden case... :heart: Of course I haven't had time to try the Staedtler pens I got yet. Perhaps sometime in the foggy future! I'm beginning to think I shouldn't buy more art supplies until the last ones have made their cost back! :giggle:
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I'm not sure about the cost back....saw several things in 2 catalogs I want..argh, nice large sets of different kinds of pencils
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Mmmm... Art supplies addiction maybe? (I know the feeling, those catalogs are evil personified! :giggle: )
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NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *she wails* NOT evil, they are our candy stores! :D
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This is glorious! I'm enthralled with the sublime, subtle illumination of the scales!
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:D thanks...glad you liked it :D
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Overwhelmingly beautiful.
I love your art so much.
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This is gorgeous, I love the colors and the flow of her body.
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thank you, glad you enjoyed it
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Wonderful! There's a very authentic impression of texture, in the roughness of the dragon's crest, the almost silken wings... The crest remind me of holly leaves!
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