Art 'Theft' on an extraordinary scale
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I don't know either. Today I sat down to take a nap, and then I'm woken up with my mom saying that my boyfriend Steve has tried to call me twice and then finally came to inform me about something "urgent". Even right now I'm not completely awake yet.

I was worried something horrible happened. This is how it went...

Me: What's so urgent?
Steve: Riana, this isn't a joke, this is very serious. Your art is in a Sonic game.
Me: ...what?
Steve: Some idiot at Sumo cut a picture of Sonia from that old profile picture of yours and put it in SEGA All Stars Racing.
Me: ...huh. (not "huh?" but just "huh")

So. This is the picture that was "stolen":
S O N I A::. by Lightning-Duchess

This is how it was applied to the game:

And here is a video that Steve has made:…

I find the situation is very funny. I can't say I'm thrilled, I can't say I'm angry (To elaborate, now that this has sunk in a bit, I'm thrilled that my artwork is in a game, but theft is theft, so that's the part that bugs me a little bit, because after Steve said that my artwork was in a game, I remember thinking to myself "...I never remember giving any permission to that.... am I missing something?").

This is just really funny to me.

I'm really not sure how to react or if any sort of action could be taken. I'll have to look into it.

I noticed how people found it difficult to contact me. If you need to do so, email me at I will try to be prompt to respond.

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wow i bet SEGA got you more attention from ALL of deviantART than anyone else
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"I'm really not sure how to react or if any sort of action could be taken. I'll have to look into it."

It's fan art you stupid idiot. You own no rights to the character, so you can't take any action. Be thankful your art is even in there, because it sucks dicky dick to begin with.
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Srsly, all of you are making an mountain out of a mole hill. Just because she drew a damn picture, doesn't mean she owns the rights. Sega owns Sonia, end of story. I wouldn't complain if Sega used my art cause, shit, that would be awesome. Don't complain when you get a lucky break like this.
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Awesome, that totally proves you're a great artist 8D Congratulations! :D

(lol well you must see the possitive side!)
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Saber16 Digital Artist
... uuuhhh... Congratulations... I guess?

Well, it's still pretty cool.

Though, what does Sonic Underground have to do with the game? Why Sonia? Why- oh, whatever.
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ArtByRianaProfessional Digital Artist
I'm assuming one of the level artists thought she was Amy. It's not an uncommon mistake if you're not a Sonic fan.
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Saber16 Digital Artist
Ah, yeah... "Pink hedgehog... THAT'S HER!"
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mmisheeProfessional Digital Artist
Good lord! O__o Umm... this IS a tricky situation.

If i were in your position, i'd probably laugh too. XD But then i'd probably try and contact them for at least an explanation. Maybe ArchangelUK would be best to contact. I think he mostly deals with community issues

Who knows, maybe you'll get compensated or something. And they dont really own sonia i think, wouldnt the guys who made the tvshow own the rights? (not that i know anything about the legal system). worth a try right?

Well anyway even if you dont own the character, i think you at least own the rights to the image under copyright law, at least thats how i understand it.
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Rayne-Is-Butts General Artist
I'm gonna check out the DS version, to see if it might be in there...since, well, I'm really curious about this.

If I see Sonia, I'll post it on dA.
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LaineyLuCatHobbyist General Artist
I wouldnt mind my art being in a game WITH my permission. :/ Without my permission though, oh, i would NOT be happy XD
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I came here following a link in someone's journal. As someone who's not in the Sonic or Sega fandom, I'll say this: technically, drawing fanarts is against copyright. Fanart technically breaks the law as you don't own the characters represented. Companies don't usually sue fanartists because they have no harm from them. But at the same time, companies have all the rights to use fanart in official works... so I really doubt there's much you can do. If you tried taking any kind of action, I'm sure you'd end up LOSING :/
So the best thing to do, IMHO, is to just be happy they thought your art was good enough to be put in a official game. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do :)
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ArtByRianaProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, after all of this got digested, I do in fact, feel very lucky that it is in the game. :)
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I personally share your thoughts xD
as I just got to hear about all this I just thought "I really have no idea if I should be happy or angry if I was in the same situation O_o" ... I seriously don't know XD
Yet, I guess I wouldn't want it to be removed (which probably wouldn't be possible anyway) but I guess I'd want to at least have some credits on this o^o;
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drakmordisProfessional Writer
[link] And once again, teh masses get what they.... want?
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ArtByRianaProfessional Digital Artist
Haha nice.
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WiiManStudioHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...shit...XD I knew Sega is a joke, but Jesus Christ! They HAD to take it a step further like this. x)
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jrc1120Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. People stealing artwork to enter into a contest is one thing but this? Wow Sega. That's freaking ridiculous, but it's actually kinda funny if you think about it. I mean, Sega swiping your pic cuz they can't come up with anything on their own? Lameness abound!
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TaiVixeyHobbyist General Artist
I had seen another person mention that in a journal and right before that journal was your entry. I find that... freaky... and funny :XD:. Wow, thats kinda neat, but at the same time kinda frustrating. NOt too much as into go to a lawsuit, maybe a letter to SEGA?
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HazelmauzHobbyist General Artist
You should totally do something against this
I mean, just because you don't own the character doesn't change the fact that you made this!
So many Artists in the past drew portraits of famous kings and queens, they didn't invented the humans on the drawing, but they made it. And if someone copy/steal it, its art theft :/ Same done with yours. As long as you can proove it is seriously your drawing, and we all know it is, SEGA is fucked (: They own the char but you the art, and it is your art on the game... thats seriously just poor fram them just P O O R :/
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WOW OMG!!!! your character in a Sonic game, can't beleave it!!! I never thought something like that could happen. but in this case you outa be thrilled. your art is not only good enough to steal, it good enough to put up in the game.

and thanks again for Laruth :D she is so lovely.
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Tofu93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh... my... GOD...
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LightDasherHobbyist General Artist
...can't see any similarity o3o
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HyperMetalixHobbyist General Artist
The head of Sonia is identical
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LightDasherHobbyist General Artist
Doesn't look it o3o to me anyway
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