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Why shadows aren't gray

By ArtByRiana
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Oh man my head hurts so bad.

But doing this tutorial makes me realize how little I still now about color and I probably made things wrong and those typos and askdkasd blah. But I hope this makes you think more about how color affects other colors in your works! And maybe not use gray to shade stuff. :U;;;

Ugh I need to lay down.


Edit 8-17-12:::
HOLY MOLY where did you all come from? I just woke up with over 1K feedback messages and I'm used to seeing less than 10! Aaaa thanks so much! ;; I'm so happy so many people found it useful.

So I went in and fixed some typos, reworded some things, etc, so it's all nice. C':

ALSO for traditional artists, especially painters, the book I mentioned in the tutorial talks a lot about this stuff.

As for colored dry media: for colored pencils, I was taught in high school to use dark, cool colors along with the compliment color and dark brown as the base for shading. You'll need to experiment with this, since I haven't used it in a long time and I'm not sure how it'll turn out.

And the journey continues on!

Edit 8-21-12:::
I... got a Daily Deviation for this?! Wow!! I... I don't think I deserve it but I feel so honored! I feel bad because I wish I could've explained things better in this and cleared things up that were misunderstood... but I'm glad this helped people! That made making this tutorial worth while!

Thank you so much Tristaeza for the suggestion and Elandria for the feature!
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Thank you for the tutorial and the book recommendation!
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Thank you for making this! This explains a lot and I find it really useful ^^
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wow! This is very interesting, thank you for this!^^
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Wow this is amazing but I still dont get why warm light uses cool shadows and cool colors warm shadows? Nature is weird 😶
LilyFaeTitania's avatar
Love this! I learned so much!!
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Interesting, pleasant, and informative! I've been trying to practice a bit in making shading, this is a great intro to it, thank you!
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Fascinating! Thank you for this, from an artist who has been using greys and blacks.
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Oh my god such an amazing tutorial! The DD is more than deserved, this tutorial makes shading and the effect of colour and light so clear! Thank you for making this :heart: it is an absolutely excellent tutorial.
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I accidently read the title as ''Why shadows aren't gay''.
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I've been searching for something like this for several months now! I never know what to enter into the search engine and today I stumbled over this accidentaly.
Thank you so so so much. :huggle: :tighthug:
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I'm glad you found it! You're very welcome!
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This changed my perception about shadows. I haven't really thought about reflections and time of day 'cause i usually just choose a darker color for my shadows. The effect of those factors were hugeeeee

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of info! This will help me a lot in the future!
ArtByRiana's avatar
I'm happy it was helpful! :) Happy arting!
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Hey I have a wood guy too! His name is Claude and he has one leg :P
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very thorough explanation, great job :D 
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Thanks for the tutorial!It's very helpful to me :3
ArtByRiana's avatar
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Thank you! This is so helpful!
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