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I :heart: Libraries

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I couldn't find a stamp like this. D:

So I was forced to make one. :lol:

Even though we can get information in an instant these days, nothing beats browsing through the library and taking home a couple of books. :heart:

I want to say that Libraries are grossly underrated, but I can't exactly know if everyone's Libraries were as good as the one I go to. At mine, there are TONS of new books as well as old, a large art section (instructive ones as well as art collections) and an impressive collection of graphic novels--eastern and western comics alike. And those are just the sections relevant to dA.

The library at my college is also very nice, and it's a nice, quiet escape from the loud campus haha.

So enjoy~

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When I finish a book I'm not really upset about it, Cause that means I can go back to the library!
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I've been going to the library since I was a child and I love it.  Lost count of how many libraries I've been to over the years. 
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Part of me has always wished be a librarian or have my own bookstore! I think libraries are really nice places to be in, their quiet and peaceful. Kind of a nice get away. Thanks for making this stamp <3.
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If there wouldn't be a library in my hometown I would never have known my fav band ♥ *forever indebted*
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If it weren't for libraries, my book-reading habit would ruin me financially. And I wouldn't be able to study Library and Information Science. Great stamp. :)
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I think life would be boring for me without libraries. Without libraries it would be hard to discover new books. Sure I would still have the internet and bookstores. But the fun thing with libraries is being able to read new books for free.
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I love them too! :la:
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I honestly could live in one.
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As a library student, I support this stamp. :D
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I love libraries, too.

It's super stamp.
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Libraries rock :lol:
sadly the ones by me are very bad, that's mainly 'cause no one cares about books in my area :depressed:
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I work for the library that's been rated #1 in the country (USA). It's tops! I love libraries.
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I love Libraries X3 such peaceful places. The one I used to go to in my High School was great even though it was small. I love this stamp.
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Libraries are an understated wonderland. Spent MANY a saturday browsing books when I was a kid. My parents put on a 10 book limit when I was a kid as they knew I'd over borrow if I didn't have the limit.
They were right, if I COULD of taken more, I would of!
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I love libraries soooooooo much <3 books are my life (as well as the internet) but books have so much detail to them that i can forget about my shitty life around me :)
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luv luv luv the library. It's the best place to go to during the summer. Nothing like shoving up literature into your noggin. That's how I would usually spend my summer, besides taking summer classes
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I agree, I like to go to libraries because it's more quiet and peaceful then it is at home and i'm able to get work done without being distracted.
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if i could, i'd LIVE in a library!
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I LOVE libraries. I love the way they smell, and how when you go to a sectio for one book inparticular, you get distracted, pick up other interesting titles, and end up struggling out the door with like 16 books. (Or is that just me?) XD
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No that's definitely not you lol. I have indecisive/book amount discipline issues as well. :XD:
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