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Epic Chaos! Chapter 2 Cover

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Epic Chaos! Chapter 2: A Lot Of Questions And No Answers, Cover

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The Call for Fan art is open once again! Epic Chaos! Call for Fan Art for Chapter 2
In preparations for printing the 2nd chapter of Epic Chaos!, EC!'s Call for Fan art is open once again!
The book will have a section designated for fan art, so if you have any fan art, or you'd like to make some fan art, now's the time to do it! Your artwork could show up in the back of the book!
:star:-Open to all ages!
:star:-Must be at least 200 DPI (300 DPI or higher is preferable)
:star:-Must be fan art for my web comic Epic Chaos!. Crossovers, gender benders, character shipping's, ect are allowed as long as it has at least one of the characters from EC!.
:star:-Please don't copy/paste, trace, ect. the comics/my artwork/others fan art, use your own work.
:star:-If you want references for any of the characters, besides the comics, feel free to message me! I don't mind giving you some reference material.
:star:-This comic is meant for Ages 13+, so keep your fan art clean. No extreme behavior including, but not limited to; Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri/, drug use, extreme violence/gore/carna

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Pages will be updated here every week, so keep up with the story on Smackjeeves if your itchin for an update!

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