In Kingdom Vol.14

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It is time to lighten this place!
Tree by Pinrescentlou daemon by Nailyce
Let's get to know each other. Write a comment to this journal and tell us about yourself and your favorite King novel or story with the hashtag #inkingdom.
I will post them in our next journal of In Kingdom.

Free Use Ouija Board by gutterface
StephenKingdom is seeking for mods. We need members active on deviantart at least on a weekly basis.
You will be part of our Ka-tet!
[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo
What will be your resposibilities?
Lets see:
- Writing journals about news from Kingdom,
- Editing folders,
- Voting for submissions,
- Creating art features.
- Curating artwork for our galleries.
D : Dungeon Candles (set) by AngelicHellraiserD : Dungeon Candle by AngelicHellraiserD : Dungeon Candles (set) by AngelicHellraiser
What are our requirements?
- You must have read at least one Stephen King book.

D : Murder House by AngelicHellraiser
If you are interested please send me a

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
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I love horror movies and drawing. My favorite King novel is probably Cujo because In like how its written in different peoples' perspectives, including Cujo. I just dont really like how Cujo isnt the main focus of the book, though. If you want to know my favorite movie adaptation, then it would be Stanley Kubrick's, The Shining because i love the visuals and the acting was great. It wasnt that scary, but it's still really good. And i'm not even going to talk about my headcanon for it. And the ship between me and Jack that my friends made up, cuz thats kinda weird.