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Kevin Tyssen
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United States
Hey Everyone! Started a website, "", that has some extra artwork and variations of the art my profile here. I would appreciate it if you checked it out, but don't purchase anything- haven't finished setting up Paypal yet ;)

Hello! Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking an interest in my artwork!!! If you would like any commissions done or have any questions/want to talk, feel free to message me or ship me an email at Other than that, my only wish is that you take time to reflect on the artwork on this site- I hope that it will better your life as it has mine.

The style of art that I strive for is that of a unique, bittersweet Romanticism. Nearly all of my pictures either have a sad backstory or sad subject matter, and yet despite this I try to add an uplifting touch to each to create a union of light and dark. Life isn't always fun and pleasant, and through my art I try to convey the beauty that lies dormant in each and every moment.

Through portraits, I hope to tell and immortalize truly beautiful, wonderful, and unique stories for the ages. Through my original work, as "sappy/mawkish" as some of it may seem, I hope to imbue a better understanding and sense of hope in others; as in darkness does light shine the brightest, so too in pain, fear, and longing are the noble truths of love, meaning, and infinite wonder most ready to behold. As they say, the darkest nights produce the most dazzling stars.

Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy. I've many more finished pieces left to add, so much more to look forward to!

(1) Be yourself, know yourself, and love yourself. The realest and most knowable aspect of your reality is you and you alone, so don’t forsake that. Every quirk, scar, experience, interest, thought, and value that you have is a testament to the unique story that you have lived. Take pride in the sole fact that you are you. No two people in the world will have the same life paths, trajectories, values, goals, dreams, etc, and as such that which composes you (as long as it isn’t harmful to anyone or yourself) is something special that you should cherish and take pride in. Each person has their own unique position in life. Remember- if everyone died a martyr for a cause, nobody would be here. If everyone were a leader, there would be nobody left to lead. If everyone were a doctor, lawyer, or banker, how would food get into grocery stores? Also, envying and comparing yourself to others is sacrificing the uniqueness of yourself and your situation; that is, being like a chameleon, and there is nothing respectable about being a “life-long chameleon”. The more you chase some ideal, the more you forsake the uniquely wonderful and epic story that makes you truly special and beautiful.

(2) For every occurrence, positive or negative, something worse could always have occurred. For multiple moments, throughout each day, contemplate how your current situation could be far worse and be joyful that you were handed the better option. Also, think of that incredible feeling you get when something isn’t working correctly…and then it suddenly does- no matter what else is going on, for a split second your heart flutters. Create those moments in your perception/imagination.

Example: I once spent 3 hours outside of a friend’s “Wrestling School” gym waiting for it to open and practice to start, after having driven 2.5 hours to get there (and in summer heat). It never opened, but instead of being upset I thought to myself “Hey, at least the car doors unlocked! Imagine if we were locked out here in 102 degree heat after 5.5 hours of driving and waiting!”

(3) Don't turn a bad situation into a wasted situation. Multiple situations that may seem negative or a "lost cause" are merely a gateway opportunity for a multitude of additional situations, hopefully of a more constructive nature (^_-).

(4) Short term/Long term paradox – too many people have no idea how to live in the short/long term. Use the short term to be fully in each and every moment, making each part of an hour a quest to find fun, knowledge, understanding, and/or beauty in all the little things and occurrences that surround you. Utilize or enjoy every moment- don’t let even the smallest occurrences pass you by. Use the long term to set a lasting goal, such as self actualization and growth (versus “temporary happiness goals” such as partying, big house, fancy car, super-model spouse, etc). Once a healthy long term goal is set- one that sits it accordance with who you are- the short term will lead to that goal whether you realize it or not (just small, slow steps accompanied by long, deep breaths).

(5) “Expect the worse, hope for the best”- NOPE, don’t expect anything. You can plan, of course, but life and nature is inherently chaotic, and expecting negative will leave you worried and hindered while expecting positive will let you down. Things will even out in time, just let time occur.

(6) Remember that you can decide how to react to each task and issue you encounter. Will you use it to learn and grow, or will you let it consume you and destroy you? When something bad happens, pause when you can and ask yourself “How can I use this to improve myself?” Problems are merely weapons in disguise, so stock up and prepare for all out war.

(7) When life gives you lemons, don’t try to make cherry limeade. Instead, make the best lemonade you can! Also, look at how happy children tend to be, and do you see them setting up cherry limeade stands? Didn’t think so…

(8) When dealing with uncaring, hurtful, and/or ignorant people, always remember the phrase “in time…”- Every person comes packaged with a different set of circumstances and “life stories”, and those circumstances can morph someone positively or negatively…or leave them completely lagging. In dealing with negative people, just pause and hope that “in time” they will come to see the error of their ways and grow up. While certain aspects of growing up are controllable, others are very hard to control, and negative people many times need a listening ear, patience, and compassion more than they do a harsh reaction. Don’t feel down- more than likely they’re the ones with problems, not you.

(9) Never be ashamed or scared to do or express something you love (as long as said activity is not harming others or yourself, that is). Sure, depending on the activity people will tell you to “be normal”, “grow up”, “get right”, but when years of you trying to fit in, be “normal”, and be a pristine peach of society culminate in you being lost, having a stroke, or having a mental breakdown, are those “advisors of normalcy” going to drop what they’re doing to come to your aid? Probably not…

(10) Find the base element to your dreams and the things that you enjoy. This element will act as the sole catalyst where, if one dream were to unfortunately end, a new one can begin. Not only that, but this element will also give you a clearer view of where you will be most fulfilled and content in life. The “little things” we enjoy can speak wonders regarding what defines who we are and where we are meant to be, and finding this facet of ourselves can open up so many opportunities for goals and dreams.

Ask yourself “Why do I do this? Why do I enjoy this/that?”, and see if that answer can pan out to other areas of your life. See if it can open up possibilities for your life. So many dreams “die” everyday, but most of those dreams only die because we set a target on one narrow objective and ignore countless other possibilities that may be just as fulfilling to our goals, ambitions, and dreams.

(11) Stemming from the point above, remember that achieving utmost happiness will more than likely require a diligent and creative mind that doesn’t give up. If you’re hiking in the woods to get to a resort, and you encounter a small lake, do you just turn back around? No, you think of a way to get around the lake! But what if it’s a 5 mile lake? It will take more planning and more drive, but the reward is still accessible and just the same, if not more rewarding.

 (12) Never give up hope. Nothing in this world is certain; nothing in your life is certain. So often I hear “It can’t work” and “It won’t work”. Maybe not, but there’s a possibility, however big or small, that it WILL work, and the hope for that possibility is what will keep you chuggin’ right along.

(13) Never forget how to be like a child (childlike, not childish). Ever notice how happy, free, and high-spirited children seem to be? It’s not so much because they have no responsibilities. Instead, it’s because they know how to take in each moment, every sensory experience, to its full extent. They have infinite curiosity to the world around them, an amazing world that as adults we soon lose grasp of while being lost in trivial nonsense, societal conditioning, and in our long list of "oh so important" tasks, schedules, and appointments. Life should never be a journey from Point A to B to C to D. Relax, smell a flower, and try to live a little, even if for one minute in an hour.

(14) Anger, frustration, and impatience are inevitable and necessary in life, as they are nothing more than forms of untapped energy. The problem with these attributes is that, more often than not, people do not utilize them as a means to an end, as a way to better themselves in some form. Instead, most will just stay engulfed in them. Utilize this energy for some purpose to benefit yourself and/or others. For example, if I get rejected for a job, being angry is completely fine and even expected. However, I can (A) sulk in that anger and/or take it out on others or I can (B) let that anger feed my drive to fix my resume, focus my interview answers, and better myself in a plethora of ways.

(15) The key to developing unbreakable confidence, persevering purpose, and lasting drive in life is to find (A) your established core values and (B) the core values you wish to achieve but have yet to fully actualize. For example, some of my established values are (1) commitment and devotion to my family, friends, and community (2) commitment to protecting and making better the lives of animals, children, and the homeless, (3) being nice, kind, and generous with “strangers”, (4) seeking as much truth, understanding, and beauty as I can in life and in others and sharing that with as  many people as I can, and (5) keeping a calm temper and focused intent in chaotic situations. One of the core values I am striving to build up is to be more honest with people. Each day I fulfill one or some of my values in small ways, and these instances boost my enduring confidence in myself. I'm "conquering the world" by conquering myself, if that makes sense. I have multiple hobbies in my life- art, writing, music, volunteering, adventuring/getting lost, and various physical activities- and while I am happy and fulfilled with these, I don't place lasting confidence in these; these are merely the extensions and "branches" of my core values, and if one of these were to be cut, either a new branch could grow or I would have the other branches to pick up the pace.

(16) Nothing in life is permanent. Negative energy (insecurity, bigotry, fear, hatred) is input in all people through media, schooling, and often even family and friends….*TO BE CONTINUED… *


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