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Start Likes Systray

Windows start button matching systray icons.

I use ResHacker, start as admin change 6801, 6805 and 6809 in explorer.exe, make sure to backup. there are many youtube videos and guides, how to...
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Thank you! sorry for late response, Yes a vs (visualstyle?) would be nice!
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Thanks everyone for adding to favorites and comments!

No more ugly startorb! I guess I can only dream that MS will release this in SP2.... ;)
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I don't think I have the .psd left, I will check it that
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Oh ok. Please do.
Hi ArtByH,

I just made and released a startorb, heavily based on yours, with slight differences. I have credited you and linked to this thread in the description. If you have problems with me releasing a start orb similar to yours, lease say so and I will delete the thread.

The main difference between mine and yours is the glow that appears above the orb on hover, just like the systray icons.

Link to my thread:


Thanks for the great work you've done and have a nice day! :)
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NP, Im glad you like it! Thanks for creds!

I have a version with the glow to, but I never released it, but good and observant of you to add the glow to, so it becomes even more like the systray icons. (But I have never really liked the glow effect there)

Have anyone a Bluetooth icon that follows the same theme? It would be nice if ever program that runs in systray where white.
Don't be fooled by the mad emoticon thing. That was a mistake.
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very nice, thanks ;)
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WOW, nice i like your concept of "blending" the start orb with the system tray!
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Thanks a lot! At first I thought I could add the two thin lines separating systray icons from each other on mouse over, to my start button, but it didn't turn out good, better with a clean icon. Now there is just a little difference on the frame of the button, it becomes a bit darker on mouse over, windows team has really failed on the startorb.., when they finally got some nice systray icons out with windows7, they make the start orb/button look like a Christmas tree ;)

Now, if there where a program, maybe with Resource hacker, that allow us to change the space around it, a little less space from the right and left. Details makes the difference
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