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Lemmings vs Escher

By ArtbyBones
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A commission for a guy who likes Lemmings and Escher, and wanted me to combine the two.

A bit unusual for me. Not exactly my usual style, and lacking a real focal point (oh no!) through being based on Escher's piece, which also didn't really seem to.
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Awesome! I'm considering taking an Escher stairs approach to a Luigi's Mansion piece I'm working, but I'm kinda scared lol. I guess it would be an amazing study to do though.
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Cool! Yeah, that would be interesting.
Wow, i love this picture. Is it possible to get/buy a higher resolution version? Would love to hang this piece on my wall!
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Thanks for the kind words!

Actually, though, one of the conditions of this commission was that the guy wanted the only full-size copy, so I can't put any anywhere that are more than 2000 x 2000. Sorry.

Glad you like it though. :)

I'd like to do a more faithful Lemmings tribute one day - I still think it's one of the best games of all time.
My brain hurts just looking at this pic. Could you imagine actually trying to play a game like this if it were made?! Confused 
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Ha! Yeah, I'd rather not...

Having said that, Kula World's gravity-defying physics were a bit trippy.
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How cute is that and what a great play on M C Escher!
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Thanks! Yeah, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. :)
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This has got to be the most unforgiving game. Nice job with this BTW
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Nice work. I like the architecture style you used. The building looks more or less normal, but those lemmings sure have twisted my mind. Great Escher remix! :clap:
Well done! :D
Escher is one of my favorite all time artists, along with Salvador Dali. :iconcheerplz:
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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words.
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You are most welcome! :D

You're stuck on my desk for a long while, pal !

What ? No... dont push it... Oh no !
ArtbyBones's avatar
Cheers! :D

Glad you like it.
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Well they are going to be busy.

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wow this is simply amazing~ :XD:
oragamiknight's avatar
You're welcome and have a great Easter :XD:
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Loving it. I've been a fan of Lemmings since mid-90's and I like that you drew them faithful to the original Lemmings art, not like they are presented today in cover arts of Team 17's versions.
ArtbyBones's avatar
Thanks. Yeah, I've only ever liked the original lemmings design... the playstation version didn't do it for me.

The Amiga version is the only one to play imo.
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The PS version didn't do it for me either. But I like the PC version as well as Amiga. After all, DMA Design originally did the first Lemmings demo for PC. ;)
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Hahahaha, love the humorous references, also they should've made a level like this in the games!
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